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    Wanted to buy: apartment-sized washing machine

    Of course, only 2 months before we close on the sale of our condo, our washing machine decided to crap out. We're looking for a cheap used/scratch and dent apartment-sized washing machine (width no more than 24 inches in order to fit in the closet). If anyone can help, that would be...
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    Italian marble table

    We're moving! And I know that wherever we move to, the giant marble table we've had since we moved into our current place will not be able to come with us. Solid one-piece top plus base. Cream/grey in colour. Polished. No chips, no scratches. Approximately 75"(length) by 35"(width) by...
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    FS: Motorola ROKR E8 (Rogers)

    My mom won this phone in a contest, but it's not compatible with her current provider. It has a Rogers SIM card in the box. New, in box. Retails on Rogers for $254.99 (if you don't buy a plan) Selling for $175 obo
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    Happy Birthday, H2Whoa!

    i hope that you have a wonderful birthday, even though we can't spend it together. 6 more days until fun in the sun! i love you. xo.
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    FS: Gift certificate to Fitness Source

    My mom won a $750 gift certificate to Fitness Source and is looking to sell it. I'm looking for $450 obo. PM if interested.
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    A good tailor/alterations place?

    I need a couple of pairs of jeans and a pair of dress pants hemmed. Any recommendations? I don't really care all that much about price, but I want to be sure that the job will get done well (I spent too much money on the pants and jeans to have them ruined!). Thanks!
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    WTB: Tickets to George Michael concert in Toronto

    So I stupidly forgot to get online yesterday morning and grab tickets to this concert. And now it's sold out. If anyone has tickets they are trying to get rid of (2, please!), I'd be interested in them. Price would depend on the location of the tickets.
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    Dog boarding?

    The place we normally leave our dog while we're away on vacation is all booked up for the weekend before Christmas. I'm hoping someone can suggest a great place. I don't want the weiner dag to be all caged up at some horrible boarding "facility".
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    Canada's new drug strategy

    I thought about putting this in the politics forum, but the impact of the proposed strategy is certainly more than political. PM wants mandatory sentences for 'serious' drug crimes Harper vows to help addicts but punish traffickers Last Updated: Thursday, October 4, 2007 | 8:24 AM ET...
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    Happy Birthday H2Whoa!

    I know you don't really feel like it's your birthday today - as we had the party last week because "this weekend you have shit to do" - but you still deserve some birthday wishes on this day. You are a wonderful man and every day with you just gets better. I love you. 2 days until Greece!
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    Greece recommendations

    We've just booked the airfare to go to Greece for the last 2 weeks of August. We're not doing the planned tour thing and we have a number of places we really want to go to (around Athens, Macedonia, Crete, Santorini). So we're doing all of the accommodation booking on our own and pretty much...
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    Restaurants in Boston

    I'm here for just one night, and want to find a tasty spot for supper tonight. Any recommendations? I've never been to Boston before. I'm near the Convention Centre, but willing to travel around a little bit (hurray for expense reimbursements!)
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    Community Social Planning Council of Toronto - Director of Community Engagement

    For further information on this job posting, please see: http://www.socialplanningtoronto.org Or contact: Director, Community Engagement Hiring Committee CSPC-T 1001-2 Carlton Street Toronto, Ontario M5B 1J3 jcampey@cspc.toronto.on.ca COMMUNITY SOCIAL PLANNING COUNCIL OF TORONTO...
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    Happy Birthday smokeyeyes!

    Oh, Isa. You sexy nerd, you. You are an extraordinary person, a good friend, and fabulous mom to boot. I hope that you have the most wonderful of birthdays.
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    Condo for rent

    I'm looking to rent out my condo in downtown Toronto. Details: Located on Richmond, between Jarvis and Sherbourne. Studio condo (it's small... but it's great for one person), approximately 400 sq.ft. Building only 2 years old. Hardwood floors. Balcony (north-facing view) Neat creative...
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    Program Manager - Youth Engagement through the Arts

    Just had this forwarded to me by a colleague... PROGRAM MANAGER YOUTH ENGAGEMENT THROUGH THE ARTS PROGRAM (ONE YEAR CONTRACT POSITION WITH POSSIBLE RENEWAL) The Funders Collaborative on Youth Engagement through the Arts (“Funders Collaborative”)** is committed to bringing together...
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    I think I'll be heading down for this... Salem's Loft is a neat space and the lineup looks awesome!
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    Homeless needs assessment in Toronto

    For those interested in doing some volunteer work... The article below describes the "homeless census" that is going to happen in the middle of April. They're still looking for volunteers to help out on that night to do some of the surveys. The contact info is at the end of the article...
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    Weekend #2 of Turboa madness

    Wow. I have to say that I have been quite impressed with the new Boa after having gone to Ralph Falcon last weekend and getting my ass kicked by Martin Villeneuve just this past Saturday. (of course, I echo the previous complaints about the expensive drinks, but I can certainly look past...
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    Free tickets to Rogers Cup - tonight

    I ended up with 2 free tickets to the Rogers Cup 1st round evening session (gates open at 5:30pm, start time is 7:00pm). There's no way I'm going to be able to make it up to York U in time from downtown, so I'm happy to give them to someone who can! (we'd have to figure out a way to meet...