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  1. J

    Johnny Fiasco @Opium Lounge

    Saturday March 3RD Johnny Fiasco is playing at the Opium Lounge 222 richmond st west. I'm picky about what I go to these days, but I will definitely be checking this out ! the lineup is eric downer, johnny fiasco, jamie kidd, .. house room tim patrick, scott stanley, shamus coghlan, raul...
  2. J

    New music I know you're going to dig thread -

    Scissorsisters - I love this group. I was introduced to them 2 months back. I have to share them with you guys. I guess they are not techno, but I'm sure some of you guys will dig this. I'm interested in your feedback. Their last 2 records have been the most amazing picture discs. I won't...
  3. J

    2 part time positions at mudshark and a record store.

    hey, thought tribe would be a great resource for posting 2 part time positions in our new store opening in downtown kitchener. it's mudshark streetwear... a working environment surrounded by tons and tons of clothing. we're looking for retail experience, and you must be available between the...
  4. J

    Mudshark Sale

    haven't been on the board for a while now - am I allowed to post mudsharkevents here? alex??? : ) hello??? anyone there??? it's me, jenn from mudshark. hey guys. hope its cool that i post for an upcoming sale... i didn't want anyone from the tribe board to miss out : ) on saturday august...