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    Promise loses their Cherry Beach parties permit

    I think it was easier to keep that sort of behaviour on the dl years ago when it wasnt as popular or out in the open right on the beach... as a side note, everyone should just be rockin one of these: http://www.ebuzzword.com/2015/03/31/ylaflm.jpg
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    Follow Tribers On Soundcloud

    couple of new ones, not electronic, but completely DIY. http://soundcloud.com/shootthestork/shoot-the-stork-sunny http://soundcloud.com/shootthestork/shoot-the-stork-youre-with-the both free to Download.
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    Who is most popular and most attractive…

    aw DG you know I'm still alive... I see you on my facebook feed all the time!
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    Who is most popular and most attractive…

    All I know is I don't win for either catagory! hey guys, long time no see! ;)
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    Follow Tribers On Soundcloud

    mostly older electronic stuff I've done on a label called audiolab. Some new stuff. Some free downloads. 1 new rock/pop project I'm working on... demo version...enjoy. :) alchemy music's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
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    Room for Rent -$520 mo + Cable/Internet

    replied to your ad on criags.
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    Analog synth bpm vs. Computer's bpm

    Create a chain using midi in and midi thru, connect your devices serially as such. Assign each device a different midi channel 1-16. On the computer, make your different midi parts channel setting correspond to the synth or machine you want it to play.
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    I've always licked the sound of the 2x10" subs, smaller speakers can respond to transients much faster then larger ones... Yorkville make some that are pretty good, and you can probably find a used one for cheap. The Mackie subs are really nice as well. edit, just read you got rid of the...
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    Analog synth bpm vs. Computer's bpm

    I've found this problem a lot when trying to synch hardware / software... Even when synched, the synths sometimes tend to drift and feel like they are trying to catch up with the tempo, especially on more complicated arpeggio patches with lots of LFOs. The best beat keeper I've played with thus...
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    Honor Killings

    is it not a sociopathic trait to lack empathy and remorse? It may be a bit out of context, but I'm sure you get my point. How do you even begin correcting a behaviour like this which is simply accepted as normal? Oh no, but we dont understand. Why not send her to an all Muslim school? Why even...
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    Honor Killings

    us vs. them whatever... the oldest brother was quoted as saying he would have "only broken her legs and arms." I guess this means in another 18 years or so if and when he has a daughter of his own we have more of this to look forward to. They dont believe they did anything wrong! Thats the real...
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    WTB: 25'+ XLR cables without getting bent over?

    honestly the best thing to do is learn how to make em yourself. to do it efficiently you'll need to have a little jig to hold the peices as you put them together, but you can make high quality cables for about half the cost of buying mogami gold or whatever. Usually when cables fail its from a...
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    looking to buy used Mini Disk recorder

    Sony Mini Disk ..
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    FS: Motu 828 mk2

    asking $500 OBO Completely mint 3 year old Motu 828 mk2. 2 mic/instrument inputs on the front with phantompower 8 more line inputs on the back 10 outs up to 16 addition channels of ADAT input fx send/return master word clock send/return SPDIF i/o DSP mixsoftware MIDI i/o This card...
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    FS: Ampeg SVT 3 Pro Bass Amp

    whoops forgot contact djalchemy at yahoo dot see eh
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    FS: Ampeg SVT 3 Pro Bass Amp

    ASking $800 obo. Good Condition, has seen its share of gigs. New Sovtek tubes. This amp is a rock solid workhorse, and loud as shit. Easy to dial in a wide variety of tones with its powerful eq, and the tube drive is nice for giving it a big round bottom end. I always liked the sound of it...
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    Wanted: Singer

    Jay sings eh? fvck havent seen that guy in years! D
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    Wanted: Singer

    For a new rock project. M or F doesn't matter, so long as you can write a hook, have experience, mic technique and confidence. Right now our sound is a mash of The Foos, QOTSA, Radiohead, Incubus, Land of Talk. pls respond to djalchemy at yahoo dot see eh. not sure if this'll fly in here...
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    Rehersal Space for Rent.

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    FS: RME Fireface 800