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    LF: Administrative Position

    I am currently looking for a new career opportunity! I would ideally like to join the business world with an Administrative focus. I have a few years experience as a Receptionist for an office in Toronto General Hospital as well as being very computer literate. I have a very professional...
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    Wanted: Naked men for my bachelorette party

    Are there any strip clubs in Toronto that feature naked men? I only know where to see women strip. Any suggestions?
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    Portuguese Restaurants

    Alright almighty tribers any suggestions? Delicious ones only. Thanks in advance, Marissa
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    My high school crush has been crushed

    In high school I worked at a grocery store and had this huge crush on this guy that worked there too. I thought he was the be all end all. I sighed and blushed whenever he walked by and talked to me. I am sure y'all have been there. Anyways I went to this grocery store the other day and I...
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    Plantinum Blonde is building my Mom's house

    My Mom just called to let me know that a guy from the 80's band Platinum Blonde apparently owns the company that is building her house. Makes you think where are all the cheesy 80's/90's one hit wonders/ bands? here for more platinum blonde info
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    Happy Birthday Isosceles_cat!!!!!

    Happy birthday to one of the coolest cats in the world! (Also the lord of his own cat army. ) I hope today is one of the best of all time. Enjoy 25! I won't get there for awhile as you are much older than me. It could be worse: you could be as old (and bitter) as Syntax Error. ;)...
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    Leaside represent

    www.johnnycrack.rapdj.com Finally someone representing from my old 'hood yo.
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    Anyone else watching? I feel dirty for doing it believe me. But here I am. I guess I am a very dirty girl.
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    I fell in love last night.

    I fell in love with Toronto last night. I saw it in a new light. I also really discovered my fantastic view of the whole city just across the street. (sigh... I think it's serious)
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    Screw you screws!!!

    I am soooo frustrated!!!!!! I woke up and stupidly decided to take apart my ghetto bed and I have run into two evil screws that won't come loose! Screw you screws! Anyone else ever done spontaneous home improvements and run into snags? If so please tell your story and make me feel better.
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    Are you a Snob?

    I think some of you are admit it. Go ahead admit to the snobbiest thing you have ever done/said. Or prove that you aren't one.
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    National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

    A classic movie for the holidays. I watch it every year. And it's on tonight on VR. I think this calls for putting up the tree.
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    One month today....

    Are you ready for this? Trees up yet? Presents bought? My intention is to make everyone panic. (well those that celebrate this particular holiday)
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    What is wrong with me?

    Okay brief summary: I have been friends with two ladies for quite a few years. In fact we have all been best friends since high school. Over a year ago one of them moved to the UK. The other one followed her over a few months later because she missed her so much. They both did not understand...
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    Riverdale Farm

    I am going to Riverdale Farm today! I have not been there since I was very little and I don't remember much about it. Has anyone been there recently? What sort of things are there to do?
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    Unexpected Vacation

    If you had a sudden week of vacation given to you what would you do? I need some ideas cause I have to take a week before December or the vacation is lost and I don't get paid for it and I don't get to carry it over to next year. Keep in mind I don't have much money and the idea of, "Just...
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    Going to Amsterdam...

    I am going next spring and I must admit I am a very unexperienced traveller. I am meeting up with some friends over there and I am a little nervous at the idea of going alone but I will save that thought for later. My questions for the all knowing tribe are: -has anyone gone to Amsterdam...
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    "Life as we know it."

    Okay I have caught this show for like five minutes and it is a carbon copy of Dawson's Creek! One kid wants to sleep with his teacher and another just caught his mom having sex with someone other than his dad. AND Kelly Osbourne is in it?!? Since when does she act?
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    Calling in sick

    I woke up this morning at 2 am and did not get back to sleep until 5:30ish (1/2 hour before my alarm was set to go off) because I felt really sick. So now I am up and feeling awful and ridiculously tired. I am really still up waiting to call in sick. I don't know why but I always feel sooo...
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    I love you Syntax Error!!!!!

    Happy Anniversary Sweetie! The last four years have been the happiest times of my life. I can't wait to get married and I look forward to more happy years ahead. Love Always, Marissa PS There is not enough romance on Tribe.