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  1. J

    Air Canada Summer Discount Codes

    I frequent another forum, but some of these are really good and I thought I would forward for bookings at aircanada.com ... some codes are public, some aren't so advertised like the one below. Anyone travelling to Asia before December 15th?? 20% off all Economy class fares 15% off all...
  2. J

    Looking for - Jet (Sale or Lease)

    This will be odd asking here, but does anyone have any contacts for someone looking to buy or lease an airplane? Specifically looking for: , Hawker 800, Citation III or Falcon 20 as the preferred plane Buy, or lease. Will be used for a medical business going back and forth to Singapore...
  3. J

    Another BoC rate cut

    1/2 % cut, down to 1/2%. WOOO, gotta love the variable rate mortgage, thanks Jake! :) ************ Bank of Canada lowers overnight rate target by 1/2 percentage point to 1/2 per cent OTTAWA – The Bank of Canada today announced that it is lowering its target for the overnight rate by...
  4. J

    Colour Flyer and Banner Printers

    I need to do a whole pile of flyer and poster printing, as well as have a large (6ft) banner made up. Any recommendations? Looking at price and speed here...
  5. J

    Amex discounted Restaurant Giftcards

    Got this in an email, not sure if any of you have seen it... 20% off giftcard purchases http://www.dine.to/americanexpress Pretty big list of discounted restaurants in the GTA... not sure if there's any on here that any of you could use, but thought I would post it!
  6. J

    Hardwood Flooring

    Anyone here installed their own hardwood floor? I'm looking to replace my 2nd floor hardwoods rather than refinish, they are too old and likely won't get much more life out of them. Any advice?
  7. J

    Bank of canada Rate Cut

    Down to 3.5% from 4.% Let's hope the banks follow suit, those sheisters! (It's not *our* fault you made some bad investments in subprime, it's your own!)
  8. J

    Sasha & Digweed - April 11 @ Koolhaus

  9. J

    Fondue in Toronto

    Any good fondue restaurants anywhere in toronto? All the info i'm finding on the net is for places that have shut down...
  10. J

    xmas bonuses/etc

    Outside of the norm (cash bonuses) what neat stuff did you get this year from your employer? Managed to get the same this year ($250 in GC's for sobeys x2 since my wife works at the same place)... plus... scored some leafs tickets for saturday in a raffle, which since I was too busy that...
  11. J

    Restaurant Suggestions - Etobicoke and Mississauga

    Booking an XMAS lunch on friday for about 8 people... requirements: nice place - price is not much of an issue bonuses: nice waitresses with "Talents". :) seriously though... any suggestions? alot of the men are hearty eaters as well.
  12. J

    If your soul needs healing, the prescription you need is not Chuck Norris' tears

    http://worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=52567 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On Chuck Norris 'mania' sweeping the Net...
  13. J

    any accountants here?

    anyone here an accountant with a designation? CMA? CGA? CA? Interested in knowing if there are many of you out there and your experiences on some of the exams... I'm writing the CMA exam in a few weeks and the whole thing makes me nervous as hell but I know the end result will be worth it!
  14. J

    Anyone gone to 360 restaurant at CN tower? Anniversary ideas?

    Hey folks... Since I've only been here a year, i'm still exploring what the city has to offer. The wife mentioned maybe "it would be cool" to go for dinner at the 360 restaurant at the cn tower. Anyone been there? Comments? Any other ideas? Sadly our anniversary is on a weeknight this...
  15. J

    Tribe Sluts & the bacon they love

  16. J

    If your wife smokes in bed...

    Slow Down And Use Some Lube!!! :)
  17. J

    LF: Radiohead tickets

    Looking for radiohead tickets... not for me, but for my boss... so yes, anyone who might be able to helpout somehow (yeah right) I would be greatly in debt to... Mike
  18. J

    Toronto Hydro/Energy Retailers

    Anyone on a fixed price contract with someone like Universal? Reading the fine print makes it look like you'll still be bent over the coals... Anyone deal with them? We're currently with Toronto Hydro, but these jerks are banging on my door and my wife thinks it's a good deal (she hasn't read...
  19. J

    friday night drizzunk crew

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! So one of my old pals from Winnipeg is in town this weekend, and we're friggin RIPPED... we've booked another from the crew on the 6am flight and all is good. WHAT THE FRIG IS UP FOR SATURDAY? Requirements: We'll be wasted Techno is good...
  20. J

    Layton and private health care... HE USED A PRIVATE CLINIC!

    Gotta love it. Even if it was in the 1990's... you can't complain about the conservatives if you don't want to get burnt Jack! Methinks this sounds like he's trying to say "I didn't inhale. ******************* Layton had hernia surgery at private clinic PORT HARDY, B.C. (CP) - NDP...