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    Best Clubs?

    Can anyone suggest a club to go to on the may the 19 in Montreal..
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    Koooooooooooooooooky's fingers on..............

    Kooky played an amazing set until his monitor blew,, but on the other hand Juan really surprised me this time.. His set was the not bad at all,, good track selection but I have to admit that he did look kinda lazy up there.... Over all I had fun at this party and Steam Whistle is a pretty nice...
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    Ken Ishii @ S.O.S.

    OH MAN WIICKED PARTY!!!!! Never had so much fun in a long time..... Ken Ishii is the man,, even thou the turn tables were skippping on him,, he still perform an unbelievable dj set... Shit I really want to see him next time when he goes all out with no problems,,, but over all it waz an...
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    Yes i was at this party,,,, It wasn't that packed but Funk Star was pretty good and he played some pretty wicked music that i haven' heard.....