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    elektro|uk|tech - ag auflegen - eavesdropping.forfree.[zeroeight] - jaycup

    there you go - honorable friends of the night after a small winter break our expert for fresh funky ghetto tech tunes wants to invite you to dance again. jaycup just extracted his current favourite tunes out form of his flight case and created a highly energetic set where he managed...
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    [mix : electro|minimal|techno] ag-auflegen : lauschen.fuer lau.07

    wellllll .... my dear friends of the night lauschen. für lau. eavesdropping. for free. it happened again. we - or to be correct our adorable mr. macoma has put together a lovely bracing mix by collecting his whole creative energy. he named his official summer-ending-mix of this...
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    [ETK003] ag-auflegen : dreckschlüpper ep

    OUT NOW !!! Label: ElektroTekknoKlash Records Title: Dreckschlüpper EP Artist: ag-auflegen Catalogno.: ETK003 Format: 12” E.P. Release Date: June 16th 2007 Distribution: Discomania Style: MinimalTechnoRaveKlash A: Schadnager | 6:06 Produced by ag-auflegen AA:Stumpen |...
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    ag-auflegen : lauschen. fuer lau. 06

    lauschen. fuer lau. Yes! We’ve got a new mix online … at last. This time jaycup put together his favourite tunes of 2006 and combined them to a great wintry-hot electro-something-mix-set. [check it out here] Have fun while listening to various sounds from a kind of hard-rock to...
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    lauschen. 05 :: elektro, pop-tech-gerotz :: ag-auflegen.com

    bitte, gern geschehn :D
  6. J

    lauschen. 05 :: elektro, pop-tech-gerotz :: ag-auflegen.com

    lauschen. für lau. number five of the lauschen-series, from our electro-expert macoma again. his octobre-mix is a somewhat clashy, multi-genre pop-tech-collage :D [click me]
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    lauschen. für lau. 04 :: techno :: ag-auflegen.com

    the new lauschen. für lau. [null/vier] mix is now online. this time by dubya again. and this time a bit more on the technoside of life. 1h07m27s . 192kbs . 93mb |click here| btw .. we like feedback .. :) more @ ag-auflegen.com
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    ag-auflegen.com :: 03 :: techhouse/elektro/funk'n'roll

    welcome to the freakshow .. for round three of our monthly mix series, jaycup just put together this tasty, mouthwatering techhouse/elektro/funk-meal. grab it at ag-auflegen.com enjoy and drop us a line of feedback if you like
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    ag-auflegen : promomix no.2 : electro/minimal

    ... the story continues this month mix (null/zwei) is brought to you by macoma, our electro genius. he presents you the a fine selection of the best electro tunes, with a little taste of minimal sounds. quality music as you are used to from the ag-auflegen crew. ... check it...
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    ag-auflegen.com : promo-mix : minimal/elektro/techno

    tracklist - null / eins lauschen. für lau. [null/eins] ------------------------------ 01.fumiya tanaka - deepen rmx 1 - logistic 031 02.ben parris - loose impediments - foundsound 05 03.alter ego - gate 23 (alter ego dub) - klang 99 04.vivianne projects - strangers with canada - underline...
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    ag-auflegen.com : promo-mix : minimal/elektro/techno

    hi everybody we (dj macoma, dubya and jaycup) just upped our new page were we will present a nice mix of assorted electronic music every month mix one (null/eins) is made by dubya and is highly recommended for techno-lovers and everyone else, who likes quality music with a nice pumping...