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    Happy Early Birthday Hali!!

    hey Hal, So sorry I missed last night, but I fell asleep on the couch. :o Seeing as you will be gone all weekend partying it up in Montreal, just wanted to send you a quick Happy Birthday! Have an amazing time!!! You are one hell of a kick ass guy & an awesome friend, so enjoy your...
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    Just wanted to mention that if there are any grades 1-6 teachers out there looking for new teaching materials, contact me! :) I work with Zoocheck Canada, a wildlife protection charity and we have just released a new humane education kit called: "Let's Go Wild! Facilitating an Understanding...
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    LF - 2 bedroom apartment in the beaches

    Currently looking for a 2 bedroom apartment in the beaches, preferably very near to or on Queen between Woodbine & Vic Park somewhere. Prefer: spacious, deck, 1 parking spot, laundry on site, bathtub a must (not just shower)! Rent: up to 1450 or so inclusive. Available May 1st. PM me if you...
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    Free Couches

    I have a set of 2 couches, one is a 2 seater, one is 3 seater sofa bed. No pics, sorry... Both are used and a little tattered (some kitty scratches) and could use a clean, but both are functional. If you're interested, pm me, or email me at meldr76 at yahoo dot ca - only stipulation is you...
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    does anyone out there have any ideas about where I could call to get some city postering done? We have a campaign coming up & would like to have Victoria and Vancouver postered (for not too much $$ of course). Any ideas would be great!! btw - I've already called Dr Jamie's and City Postering...
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    LF: 3/4 bdrm house

    Just thought I would check on here and see if anyone knows of any 3 or 4 bedroom houses for rent. Preferably in the Bloor Village/HighPark/Little Italy area. Somwhere downtown or on the ttc line anyways. (preferably not east of the DVP) Parking preferred, all inclusive preferred thought not...
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    LF - One bedroom apartment

    Pets must be o.k. Close to the TTC NOT in Parkdale Under 750 or so... any ideas, please pm me or email me at meldr76 @ yahoo . ca
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    LF - Drum Circle

    Does anyone know of any drum circle groups that perform? I am looking to possibly hire a troupe for a performance at a fundraiser... Thanks, and info would be greatly appreciated! :) Mel
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    LF - One bedroom apartment

    Hi all, I'm looking for a one bedroom apartment for a friend. If anyone knows of any... 1 bdr apartments (basements o.k. as long as they have some windows) With parking on site laundry under the $850 inclusive range in the downtown area somewhere available for Jan or Feb 1st...
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    2 Bdrm For Rent - Jan 1st 2005

    Posting this for a friend: Apt For Rent: ASAP The address is 165 Bathurst and we're at the corner of Bathurst and Richmond. The apartment is 1,000 sq.ft. with high ceilings, 2 bedrooms (both the same size) and a newly installed kitchen area. The rent is $1300 inclusive. Please PM me...
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    WTB - Looking for Poi

    Does anyone have any idea of where to buy poi in the GTA? Thanks! *mel*
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    Does anyone have any recommendations on who to use for postering in Toronto? I'm looking for the most affordable as it's for a couple charity events. I've heard of Dr. Jamie's of course, but am wondering if there are any smaller, cheaper (yet still reliable) groups that do it. Any suggestions...
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    FS - Waterbed Frames

    I have 2 waterbed frames for sale. One is King Size, wood, 4 drawers in the bottom (possibly 6, I haven't seen it in a while). The other is Queen size, wood, the headboard has shelves for books etc & it has 6 drawers in the bottom. I've been using the Queen size up until very recently...
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    For RENT - 2 Bedroom Apt - Sept 1st

    I'm posting this for a friend: >I have a great apartment for rent starting Sept 1st. It's in my house. College/Grace - 5 min walk to Christie Subway and 3 minute walk to College St. West (Little Italy/Portugal). 2 level, 2 bedroom, Central Air. Backyard walkout from kitchen (apple tree...
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    Looking for a roommate

    I am posting this for a friend... Please pm me if you are interested & I will forward you their contact info! Thanks. >>We are 2 roomies looking for a 3rd. We are both females - mid twenties. Very easy going, very relaxed. Have an awesome place at Queen and Parliament. 3 level townhouse...