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    Recommend a lounge for Jan 28

    I have been out of touch for a while so I need some help finding a downtown TO venue for this Saturday. Looking for somewhere that plays some good bouncy house, dance floor not a necessity, but definitely not sketch. Thanks
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    Some dude just pulled up, in his Caddy, on my street to pick some wine/liquour bottles out of the recycling bins and throw them in his trunk? Aren't they only worth a few cents? Does he not get it costs him more to drive his car around for this than it nets him? Is it my responsibility to...
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    Tom Stephan @ Sonic

    I couldn't make it but I am sure someone did? I know I am breaking the rule of starting a review for an event I didn't attend, but I would like to hear how it was. His sound at Sonic should have been a good fit.
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    Nocturnal skate @ Harbourfront Dec 15th

    Does anyone know if there is even ice yet or if this will be a go Friday? Global warming? who knew?
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    Jeremy Hotz @ Yuk Yuks

    I know a few people were planning to go to this and hopefully they did as this was one of the funniest nights I have had in ages. The place was absolutely packed, but you are in and out within 2 hours and my friend and I laughed non-stop the whole time. Jeremy Hotz was his typical self, some...
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    Any good clubs in Vegas?

    I have never been, but am heading down in a couple of weeks for Interbike. I know it is probably not possible to find a club without the ch33se , but I thought I would ask.
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    John Madden on NBC

    Is anyone else already sick of Madden speaking like an older, dumber, Forrest Gump, with football anecdotes in 3rd grade grammer, adding as much totally useless information as possible between snaps????:O I have to believe it was "Mr NBC, if you want Al Michaels, you have to take Madden too"...
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    COZO Tonight

    Does anyone know the set times for this one? Is it open at 1:00am or 6:00am?
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    I almost threw my beer at the tv!?

    It has probably been mentioned before, but my rage made it impossible to search the topic, but has everyone seen the Old Navy commercial "get your Fash' On" :eek: :confused: :mad: enough said
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    Tribalicious Tuesday @ Touch

    Really wicked space for sure. Arrived with the Preacherman himself and walked in on Nantez giving the sound system a full workout with some really bassy tracks, then hit the huge patio. Would have been cool to have the dj's outside since everyone loves the outdoors, but the inside area is vast...
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    Tribalicious Tuesday @ Touch

    I am definitely heading out for this one. I hear the place is sweet, especially the patio. Not to mention Tribes own Preacherman makes his Tueday debut technics1200
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    Pete Bailey ??

    Did anyone go to this or is Sonic a Tribe no-no? no upcoming events or reviews for them?
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    Full Moon @ BEBA

    An interesting night to say the least...... started with a 50 min ttc ride all the way from High Park (10 mins away by cab) met up with friends P & A (very nice to meet you) arrived around 11:45 to the deep, pounding sounds of Evan G (another very nice to meet you, finally) As the dance...
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    A good Tailor/Seamstress

    I know there are a few of you in my hood, so does anyone know a good place to get some pants hemmed(sp?) in the High Park/Bloor West area?
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    Sean Miller - Cruisin' the harbour

    I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon. The sun was shining and it was steaming hot, but with everyone in their beachwear and plenty of cold bevies, it didn't seem to matter. Once we had consumed a few morning beers, picked up the rest of the crew and sorted out our...
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    The Hilton - Pool-side

    What a view!! technics1200 technics1200 technics1200 technics1200 technics1200 out of 5 music blending in with the Marco Polo from the pool = 4 out of 5 - did what you could music overall with the red spotlights = technics1200 technics1200 technics1200 technics1200 technics1200 out of 5
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    CAR Alarms

    I am sitting out on my back deck trying to enjoy my dinner and this car alarm keeps on honking for about 30mins then it stops for about 30 seconds and starts again. It has been going for over 2 hours now, so no one is trying to actually steal this car and the owner who is up in an apartment...
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    HELP with a movie name?

    I believe it was in the early 80's and I think it had Sean Penn in it, but the scene I remember was him in prison and he fills a pillow case with pop cans and procedes to deliver a real beating on a guy with it. What's the name of this movie?
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    COON POOP!! Arrrghhh!

    Does anyone have a good ways to keep Racoons from shitting on my deck? I have a huge oak tree growing up through my deck and every morning there is a fresh pile at the base of the tree. They even will come during the day, like today, I already cleaned up last nights and I just noticed...
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    music playing slow with an ehco??

    I have recently been having trouble playing and burning music. Any old music I loaded on my pc or downloaded still works fine, but any new stuff I have added plays slow and with an echo and burns that way too. :mad: I can't seem to figure it out as I haven't changed anything that I know of...