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    BEST and WORST xmas gifts ideas!

    just doing some research looking for some suggestions for the best and worst xmas gift ideas. i know there's a bunch of lists on the interweb, but i'm also looking for some personal accounts. i'm looking for funny ones... quirky stories... or anything... post them here please!
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    Dub reggae mixes

    can anyone point me towards some good dub reggae mixes online? recommendations? thanks!
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    funfile or any other good torrent site invites?

    anyone have any invites to good torrent sites? please help a brother out! :) cheers, --undie
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    Casual Sex DNB Fridays @ Lot 16

    if vday sucked, it's time for some casual sex dnb at lot 16 tonight!! aiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    FS: 2 Destiny tickets $30/each

    Ok kiddies... still gotta get rid of these tickets... $30 each now... PM or email snipezone at hotmail work at yonge + dundas for each pickup... let me know!
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    FS: 2 Destiny tickets $35/each

    got a couple extra i need to get rid of... PM or email snipezone at hotmail i work yonge + dundas during the day if you wanna pick up... cheers...
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    funny web/technology/IT humour sites?

    can anyone recommend me some good funny sites you might frequent for technology and web-type humour? i'm looking for comics and jokes and the like... thanks!
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    Hostessing tomorrow (friday) $11/hour 4ish-11ish

    Any ladies interested? downtown restaurant around king and john... friday oct. 4th... $11/hr and cash that night... My buddy's looking last minute... PM me if you're interested or email snipezone at hotmail.com cheers, --undie
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    if you were to introduce someone to jungle, how would you do it?

    so i have a friend who's into rock. you know, the typical 102.1 the edge listener... how would you go about introducing this person to dnb? they dont' necessarily like the samples of jungle mixes they've heard. but i'm thinking that taking them out to a night would be better. so... what kinda...
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    anyone know where i can get poi trainers?

    my friend wants to learn poi... anyone know where we can find those trainer poi thingies in the city?
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    rob smith

    saw him at the spliff & dub party last thursday at the reverb... there was a poor turnout and it sucks because i think a lot of people would have LOVED his set. i was up and bouncing the entire time... again, it's too bad not many people were there to experience it (his set wasn't his set...
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    LF: Junior Boys tickets

    seems like they're sold out... anyone have any extra? please let me know! PM or email snipezone at hotmail.com thanks!
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    website/morphing/software to see what the kids will look like?

    hey guys, i'm looking for a site or software where you can send in 2 pics, and then it'll morph to show what the kids will look like... any suggestions? i can only finding morphing ones where they just join 2 pics, but i'm trying to find one that shows their offspring... any help would be...
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    how to minimize vibration from my subwoofer?

    anyone have any suggestions as to how i can dampen the bass from my subwoofer? i've moved into a new place, it has hardwood floors... the bass booms and is very deep now. i'm afraid that it's going through the floors and bugging other tenants... other than fiddling w/ my equalizer, anyone know...
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    keep getting rebooted... motherboard problems?

    need some help. i moved to a new place recently. and before i got internet hooked up i was using my comp to play music. things were fine for a few days. then couple days ago 'new hardware' thing pops up wanting to install the driver/software for my ethernet adapter. this is weird cause i didn't...
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    risks of receiving a box of goodies from asia

    my friend wants to send me a box full of stuff she bought from hong kong so she can bypass taxes and stuff on her way home. belts, pants, bags... probably some imitation stuff. she has a few boxes and she's splitting them up among her friends. what are ther risks to me if customs stops the...
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    yahoo emails not getting to hotmail

    I've been having trouble sending emails from my yahoo account to hotmail accounts. I do a test using yahoo webmail and from outlook, sending an email to one of my hotmail addresses. but it never shows up. It's not in the junk mail folder and my yahoo address isn't blocked. i sent a group...
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    LF: 1 bedroom Annex May/June

    As the title says... Going to walk in annex area tomorrow to see if people have signs up... heard that's a good way of going about it. But it doesn't hurt to post it here. If you guys have any heads up that would be awesome... i'm looking for May or June. Thanks!
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    Road Trip Ideas...

    i have 2 vacation days i have to use before march 31st so i was thinking of a little road trip on a long weekend. any ideas? oh ya open invite to anyone in the same situation for the month... :)
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    xmas party video

    does anyone remember the video w/ this completely hammered chick trash-talking the xmas party, the wine, and the 'cheap' boss? and then turns around and gets busted? i need to find that vid clip if anyone can link me that would be super.