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    The Ps3 User Thread...

    well this thread has gone from the ps3 thread to the gtaIV thread... though i picked up gta upon release i haven't played more than a couple hours of it....because i CAN NOT put down Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. actually, i don't believe i saw it mentioned in this thread.. anyone who dosen't...
  2. K

    How disturbing is this?

    Teachers and Catholic Priests should have prostitutes readily available. and they should be strongly encouraged, if not be mandatory for them to have their rocks off at least every day of the work week. think about it
  3. K

    The Youtube thread

    i bet it makes you wish you had 6 friends as cool as you Then this sort of awesomeness would often ensue.
  4. K

    Sunday Thread Up In Here: Nov 19th, 2006

    so this midget, 3 black guys, and stephen hawking were all showering together in prison one day...
  5. K

    specifc movie recommendations

    naked lunch (not as if it's like anything else, though)
  6. K

    what has been done to you/us?

    i noticed this year for halloween, there was what seemed to be a fraction of the kids trick-or-treating then what i remember from my own trick-or-treating days. I've concluded that this is because of the drastic increase of people masterbating at their computers instead of going out and having...
  7. K

    MEN: describe your 25K day

    I'd spend every cent of it on fireworks. Then, as anticlimactic as possible, throw them all in the ocean.
  8. K

    funny shit...makes fun of all races!!!!

    10 things i hate about commandments
  9. K

    ~*...that's just another name for it...*~

    o patio = deck = veranda
  10. K

    ~*...that's just another name for it...*~

    i s'pose. was the first one that came to me tho how about.. hitchiking = 'thumbing it' ...?
  11. K

    ~*...that's just another name for it...*~

    Ursus Arctos = Grizzly Bear
  12. K

    Your Username

    xxxcandyraver69xxx was already taken
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    2 wtfs for today...

    fullscreen, bitches
  14. K

    shaky houses

    you can't turn it off, you just need to stop putting quarters in the slot and wait for it to run out of time on it's own.
  15. K


    this has been some solid YTMND.com material for quite some time now, http://peppersualuealuealeuale.ytmnd.com/ http://ualuealuealeuale.ytmnd.com/ http://swedishchefualuealuealeuale.ytmnd.com/ http://ewokjibberish.ytmnd.com/ http://hawkingbabble.ytmnd.com/ there are so many of them...
  16. K

    don't shoot the messenger...

  17. K

    anyone have a MySpace account

    hey, myspace isn't all bad. it's the best place i've seen yet to steal myself a new, hip, and totally 'in' personality there are soooo many cool people, and i'm going to be a little bit like every one of them!
  18. K

    You DON'T Make Friends With Salad: My Return to the Dark Arts of Meat Eating

    meat is the dessert you have WITH your meal
  19. K

    Best shows on TV these days

    i tried to watch lost, but for some reason i'm expecting to see poorly rendered dinosaurs show up and say the Sir arthur conan doyle wants his royalties. (i know, i know...) 24, Keifer just hasn't been the same since he chopped the mullet a la flatliners/the lost boys I think it's just...