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    IPhone Ringtones

    So i've been toying with my iphone and the terrible ring tones it comes with for 2 months now. I finally went out and figured out how to create my own m4r file and have gotten 2 custom ring tones onto my phone but now they won't play even when selected. Can anyone help? I haven't mod'ed my phone...
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    Desyn Track ID

    Can anyone help me ID this tune...monster from Canada day i think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6h4D69Saurw
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    You killed my cat

    Old tune ID i need help with. It's been in my head since my ride to work this morning and now I have to figure it out. I think it was from a couple years ago. Digweed was playing it and it had this vocal "you killed my cat, i'll kill your dog". Anyone...anyone? Bueller, Bueller!
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    Downlaoding Musci - Thread #7876656584

    I know this is a fairly regular topic but the sites people use change more often then the weather. I'm a regular soulseek user but i can't find the old stuff i'm looking for. What is a good, clean site for downlaoding pop/rock/hip/hop and classical? Any help is good help and will be much...
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    DJ's Are Alive!!!

    Wild new concept from Scumfrog... From Resident Advisor: With the rising use of laptops and digital files there is a common perception that live dance music and DJing the visual aspect of watching the artistry at work is losing its excitement. Five artists have formed a collective to try...
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    When was the last time?

    Paul Van Dyke was in Toronto? Wasn't he here earlier in the summer??
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    Rat Monster

    This clip is way too good not to post - creepiest prank i've seen in a while. Rat Monster I don't know what the site is (girly ads) but you can zoom the video to full screen and not lose anything.
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    Breaking in a newbie

    After years of contemplating i've finally decided to start playing around with some production. It's taken a couple months to get everything ready but the pc is up and running, and i have some options. I have put Fruity Loops 6 Studio, and Reason 3 on a new machine, have a pair of Yorkville...
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    Simon Jain - August 2005 House Mix

    Alright...so it's September but here's what Simon was up to last month. Solid, dirty progressive house beats for all to enjoy... The Mix - Simon Jain August 2005 Progressive House • 01. Funk D'Void & Phil Kieran : Black Worm : Soma • 02. Roog & Greg : Uber : Toolroom Trax • 03...
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    Friday Sex Thread...Love in Traffic

    I haven't seen one of these for a while and i'm wondering: For guys, the highway hummer is one of the greatest benefits of long drives in the country (or city if you're into it). It's more difficult to reciprocate though. Women - what can we do that works and isn't completely cheese?
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    Recording Sets to a laptop

    Looking for help from who ever is willing. How do you record from a mixer, to a laptop? Preferred software? Neccessary Hardware? I'm not looking for the "best of breed" solution here. Whatever works well with minimal investment will be good. Any suggestions would be great...and much appreciated.
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    Iran and it's nuclear efforts

    All the hoopla regarding Iran restarting it's attempts to harness the power of the atom has started me thinking as well. The United Nations (USA) is threatening action, but what I don't understand is this: While dangerous, nuclear power is a renewable, and relatvily clean (minus wastes)...
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    Things to do in Atlanta??

    I'm heading down this weekend and would love some suggestions on where to eat/go out/etc... Has anyone been? Good times?
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    Raving Penguin

    I think i remember Mephisto posting a pic of some candied up penguins a couple weeks ago but this guy takes the cake. Hardcore Penguin
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    Congratulations Kate...

    With all the congrats on the board this week (poots engaged, spacebabe's having an alien, etc) i thought i'd sneak this one in before the weekend. Kate's little boy Gilbert was born almost 7 weeks ago and he'll be making the move from London to Toronto with her in a weeks time. Congrats...
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    Jar Jar Binks Corrutping Children

    I don't even know what to say...sometimes the church is great for a laugh. George Lucas Should Be Ashamed Look at some of the other article titles in the red box...
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    Beer Girl link (help)

    Does anyone have the link to beer girl? I searched though the forum but couldn't find anything.
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    FUNKY PONG!!! (possibly addictive)

    As a kid - this was my gold medal sport...and now someone had the foresight to make it into a flash game!!! Enjoy...I got to 19 (about 200 short of my personall best but it will do for now). Funky Pong Game
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    Club Websites

    Why is it that System is the only club in Toronto that has a decent archive of it's event photo's? I love the fact that i can check out an event i may have missed and see who was there what the vibe was like, etc. Guv...fancy new site with the worst photo's. Boa - the site needs some...
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    Fine the Weatherman

    LMAO - only in Russia!!! MOSCOW, Russia (CNN) -- Moscow's weather has been catching people off guard recently: snow in spring, a flood in summer, a hurricane closer to fall, sun in winter. Russians thrive on their four seasons, but Moscow's mayor doesn't like surprises. To ensure it...