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    Sonny Fodera - Real House Music! March 13

    It's been a long time since I started a roll call, but I think this warrants it. Some of my favourite locals: Mike Gleeson, Jason Hodges, Mat Lunnen And the chance to see up-and-comer Sonny Fodera...who's produced a bunch of the biggest house tracks of the past while. Who's with me? :D
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    The Great Mysteries of Life

    1. Why is the water from the bathroom sink so much colder and tastier than that from the kitchen sink?
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    Happy Birthday DIWC!!!

    Well, it's still a few hours away, but thought I'd start this now as it's unlikely I'll have time from work tomorrow. You are one of the most hardworking, loyal, intelligent, and hilarious people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I feel really lucky to have you as a friend, and I just...
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    Project Management Software

    What do you use? Is it a desktop application or web-based? Do you recommend it? I'm looking into all options right now, so any input is welcome! Relying on spreadsheets to do this is getting ridiculous!
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    Where Do You Feel Intimidated?

    Hey ladies! As a newly roommate-less gal once again, I am trying to be as independent as possible. As part of this, I am trying to do as much of the "fix it" stuff as possible on my own. So, I went to Crappy Tire and purchased some tools, including a drill. I know how to use them, but...
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    Moez: Clean Your Box!

    I need to ask you a question!
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    What are You Thankful for - 2008 Edition

    Setting aside the predictable responses about the history of the holiday and the evils committed by European colonizers, I'd like to talk about what I am thankful for, and I'd love to hear what everyone else has to say as well. This year Thanksgiving coincides closely with Yom Kippur, which is...
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    DJ Heather @ Footwork

    Finally a Chicago house dj aka a reason for me to go back to FW!!! October 4th. Who's in?!
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    Happy Birthday JAR!

    You're probably still sleeping, as it's not even 6am in BC, but you'll wake up to this :) Have an amazing birthday day and week...I don't even need to wish you that: I know you will! Enjoy your trip(s) and come back safe and sound (i.e. don't get eaten by a shark or a lady-boy). Hugs and kisses!
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    Congrats to the Doctor: Now a Dr. for Real!

    A few days belated, but whatever! Larisa, I am proud of you for several reasons. The jewish mother in me is proud to have a friend who is a doctor. As a fellow human being I am grateful for the fact that you are aiming to do something good for the future of our city and humanity in general. And...
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    HIPP-E & Style of Eye

    Footwork - March 1st I haven't heard Hipp-E in about a billion years...looking forward to hearing him play again! I don't know much about the other guy but I hear he's big with the DJs. I'm just looking forward to going out again! And I want one of the free CDs they're giving away. What can I...
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    Happy Birthday Deep!

    To one of the smartest, funniest, most helpful people I know: have a most wonderful birthday and year to come. I can't thank you enough for all the wise words and love you've shown me over the years. You deserve the best!
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    Happy Birthday Joe Seven!!!

    My partner in MOMO! Happy Birthday!!! Thank you for being a great conversationalist who I can always count on to be able to chat with me for hours about everything under the sun. You make me laugh like few others. MOMO I hope your day is fantastic :D
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    MS Access Question

    I have a database where the main table has a primary key field that is called ProjectID. Until 2002, projects would have a 6-digit project ID, but now they have a 9-digit ID. I need to add in the extra digits, but I'd rather create an update query to do so, rather than change each record on its...
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    Happy (belated) Birthday mutslaster!

    I'm really surprised there was no thread on the actual day! But anyway, you know we still love you :) Well, at least I do. Your other "friends" are jerks! Happy Birthday Sara! :D I miss seeing you all the time, so we have to rectify that. You are a fun and loving and loyal friend, and I...
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    My Wish Came True: Derrick Carter!!!

    ...and NOT at TIL :D YAY! November 24th @ FW My plan was to lay low this month, but I can't resist this temptation. I need my DC fix at least once a year :)
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    Track ID - 1994ish, House-ish

    I have it on an old Danny Henry tape and I remember hearing it out at raves around that time. Vocals are (approximately) You're the best thing can't you see
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    LF: (Wall) Painting Help

    Gfunkdiva and I are moving into a new apartment and need the walls painted. Both of us are quite busy (and I have shaky hands), so we are hoping to find someone to do the painting for us. We are moving on October 1st, and would like to get this done on October 2nd & 3rd. The Job: Bedroom 1 is...
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    Mid-September Saturday

    I woke up this morning to: - a sweet PM - a cute text - a crazy drama-filled family email Rosh Hashanah dinner tonight should be interesting! Luckily the source of the drama won't be there though. Before that I need to: read magazines in bed, get groceries, do laundry, bake a cake, and go to...
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    Happy Birthday stir-fry!!!

    Happy Birthday Stephen! Co-creator of die.doc, non-round-eye-food afficionado, partner-in-hate of annoying office people, lover of house music (despite prentending to be a junglist)... Thanks for always making me laugh and being an all around sweetheart (I mean...tough guy...yeah). Hope...