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    Go support your own Toronto. displacer on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos
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    Real Downtempo

    Zero 7 polaris YouTube - Zero 7 - Polaris
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    Space Travel

    From Musical Mental Space Exploration Internet -1.0 to BBS to Internet 1.0 beta Chill the fuck out. YouTube - martsutube's Channel
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    Fedde la Grand

    Sorry guys I have to post this dope Trio from Fedde la Grand Ministry of Sound Album 2007. It has the funk that wakes the dead. Download Fedde la Grand.mp3 from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way
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    Happy Gilmore

    Fuck you Clown!!!!!!! best line ever to describe everything stupid.
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    Who the Hell is this Guy?

    Update yourself today...lol YouTube - Masturbation & Ascension Give Yourself a Helping Hand to Heaven WTF
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    Hal 9000

    HAL 9000 would make great album name if their weren't copyright infringements to worry about. lol YouTube - HAL 9000 Apple ad
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    Local Stand Up Comedy

    Mike McGregor....lol this is hillarious! I lived with this guy in this building and this is seriously what happened no Lie. ... Check him out next time he plays YUKYUKs. Don't smoke crack and get the fuck out of my building - Mike McGregor's MySpace Blog |
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    UK Funk 2010

    This guys taking substance and music to a scratchy level. YouTube - UK Funky House Mix 2010 (Set 1)
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    Laurent Garnier

    Heres his new Album "Tales of Kleptomaniac". Theres some sick songs on this album. Check it out. laurent garnier on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos
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    Words to think about from movies?

    Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie Shutter Island. "I don't know whats better. Dieing as a good man or living as a monster."
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    Why do vegetarian women wear dead squirrels for hats?
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    Ignorance IS Bliss!

    My example of this would be never try to figure out women without back up no matter how screwed up things might be because when I tried and I think I was close too, it almost fucking killed me.
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    Nu jazz

    check out Lotus at new years. YouTube - lotus.. if you like to dance?
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    Memek vids

    Wicked vibes. YouTube - Memek - reSOLUTE - Detroit 2008 YouTube - memek- Live@Sat (Montreal)-08/13/07 YouTube - Memek & Derek Plaslaiko @ Sat / Montreal 07/14/07 YouTube - Memek @ RECOVERY CRUISE, NY [July 8, 2007] YouTube - Memek - Minimoo NYC party - June 2008
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    heres a ring tone for ya. Helmut Fritz YouTube - Balaie ta frange - Helmut Fritz
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    I'm not crazy about all these horror movie remakes like Halloween...but if they were to remake a triliogy and use the tech we have now I suggest the MAD MAX Trilogy.
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    Hey if any of you end up in Montreal for new years I'll be in Quarantine. New Years: Quarantine - Rave.ca see you there. Oh yeah were suppose to have a full moon tonight so try not to end up in jail you crazy animals.
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    Mickey Avalon

    Heres a wicked Mickey Avalon Christmas Special song. Download Mickey Avalon - My Dick.mp3 from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way Happy New Year!
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    TRIBE seriosly needs an ART section

    During my ventures in Montreal I've been lucky enough to meet a young Artist called Chris Dyers. It was quite a surprise to see his paintings in person because I had never seen his work before I went to Montreal and when I met him I noticed his painting that I had seen in one of their local...