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    What is that Korean dish called with the fried egg on top?

    Mul Rae Bang A - in Koreatown - right beside Christie Station is awesome for all you can eat! Waaay better and more authentic then Korea Grill House on Queen. They have a mean bi bim bop too - i like mine with Bull Go Ki!
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    What's your favorite mid-priced Italian restaurant downtown?

    yeah terronis on adelaide is nice and the venue is slammin BUT the one on queen is by far better quality food. I think the size and number of orders thrown out of the kitchen on adelaide hurts the quality.
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    Can someone help me find a reasonably priced wedding venue?

    I was at a wedding at hart house a couple of months ago - not sure on costs but according to organizers it was the most affordable option - lots of character and photo opps. good luck!
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    LOST - The TV Show....anyone else hooked?

    cool Lost timeline & theory on time travel: http://www.timelooptheory.com/the_timeline.html
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    LOST - The TV Show....anyone else hooked?

    so when does season 5 start - september of feb 09?
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    LF: Your old Rogers phone

    Hey Gasper and Junglicious, i busted my rogers cell the other other day. i am need of a rogers/fido cell do you guys still have yours available? if so, send me a pm thanks
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    Hakka Takeout in the West End?!

    agreed on the chill chicken @ yeuh tung - so good! curry twist on dundas @ high park is really good if you like indian. pretty sure they have take out - butter chicken w/nan is the best ive had.
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    LF: Used Rogers or Fido phone!

    Thanks Kalemic - i ended picking up a used one over the weekend - thanks anyway.
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    LF: Used Rogers or Fido phone!

    Hey all, I lost my phone the other day. Does anyone have an old Rogers or Fido cell they want to sell? I am not real picky as long as it works I'd be cool. send me a pm if you have one kicking around you want to get rid of. thanks!
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    RESORT Reviews

    Thanks for the tip madnezz - this is what had in mind - looks sweet!
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    RESORT Reviews

    thanks for the tip! what part of Costa Rica would you reccomend? - Liberia - Playa Tambor - Puntarenas Most vacations seem to be in Liberia.
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    RESORT Reviews

    How about Costa Rica? I've been to Cuba, Mexico/cancun - and wanted to try somthing different. Anyone go - how is it? Also, would it be the best strategy to pick up tix week of as they will be cheaper? thanks
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    Foie Gras. love it or hate it....

    Foie Gras is so awesome - it's like a little taste of heaven with a touch of feel good hell! When a friend told me it was banned in Chicago, I said no way!.....turns out it's true: http://travel2.nytimes.com/2006/04/27/us/27foiegras.html Chicago Prohibits Foie Gras By GRETCHEN...
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    Canadian Digital Copyright Laws: about to change.

    whatever the ruling is there is no way they will be able to stop us...bwahhaahaahaabwaahh!!
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    Dog the Bounty Hunters Racial Rant

    how did they manage to get that on tape? did his son record the conversation?
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    Suggested New National Motto - 'Philippines: Not Just Coup D'Etats Anymore!'

    kidnappings for ransom are pretty big there too - especially if you look like a tourist! watch your back!
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    Serato 1.8 now in public beta!

    the person im purchasing it off of wont come to meet me - he wants to meet up at the subway station...is there any way to confirm if the box works by using internal mode??
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    Serato 1.8 now in public beta!

    question guys: I plan on purchasing serato - sealed in the box BUT it seems as though it may be comming from questionable circumstances. my question is: if i purchase this "new" serato - will i have any issues with updates online - do i need to input a serial number etc etc....
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    Traktor VS. Serato VS. CDJs

    thanks for the tip! now i just have to decide on whether to go for ttm57 or just serato???:(