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    stereo quetion?

    thanks alot. taping as we speak.
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    stereo quetion?

    how do i hook up my tape deck to the mixer? i want to record a set onto a tape. thank you
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    diRty hOuse mUziK...weekly show

    anyone know what the name of the third track is? thanks
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    FREE drafting table.

    it is around 3.5ft by 5.5ft.
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    FREE drafting table.

    free mutoh model s drafting table. comes with all the gizmos associated with a drafting table. there is a couple of scratches on the drafting surface. FFFRRREEEEEEEEEE! i do not have any pics, but you are welcome to come bye and take a peak (i live bye high park subway stop) drop me...
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    free drafting table.

    sold, uh ah i mean........... given away
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    free drafting table.

    mutoh model s drafting table. it is a little older with some scratches on the drafting surface but otherwise works fine, plus it is FREE. you will need to pick this table up yourself (i live in the high park area). you will need a truck of some sort. it is pretty big and heavy. i have...
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    techniques for sale

    2 grey Technics Quarts direct drive turn table system sl-1200m2k comes with 2 stanton 500-II cartriges/needles dust covers included. tables are a little bit older but in damn fine working condition. $650 pm if interested js
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    drafting table for sale

    mutoh model s drafting table measures 3'8"x 5' comes with tsquare/triangle ruler/leather carrying case (3'x3') fully functional slide ruler attached to table (sorry i am not a drafting person so my terminology might be off) NOTE- there are a couple of small scratches in the vinyl...
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    LF - two records

    cetch da monkey - atomic babies unvers ep - antoine clamaran j
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    FS - some house records.

    10 reocords - $60 for the lot , or $7 a peice vitamin d - floorfillerz - get high/ get dubbed - terraform rec. angel alanis - why cant we all just get along ep - rique joey beltram - super magnetic - stx bad boy bill - everybody - ihr dave armstrong - slam jam ep - strada recordings...
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    FS - uk hard house records

    34 uk hard house style records. i would rather sell them as a lot ($120) but am willing part with singles for $7 a pop. lectrolux - the house is surrounded - +TeC e-trax - let"s rock - tidy trax artemesia - bits and pieces - tidy trax anne savage -real freak/i need a man - tidy trax...
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    House Music Dancer Dies

    The rave scene saw many stages of a mans life as he grew, to become a fine ravist and an icon in the rave community. From his early days back when he was a little more candy, and not to mention a little more wee, he progressed to self proclaimed mister, working the line that he took from his...
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    Tix For Nye -aria

    I'm in toronto just wondering how l could get tix for aria nye -deep dish....also what event would you recommend for this nye 2003
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    sony net n707 md for sale (again)

    let start the betting...how about $120....:)