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    Kid Cloudkicker - Clouds

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    Psyentifica - Feather Wind [] smooth trip []

    Drift deep into the fountain framework with psychedelic tones for a smooth reconnect to the source. Archaik winds enchants a tale of awakening while Updraft springs flow, and sprouts the seed. 1.Archaik Winds 05:41 90bpm 2.Updraft 03:33 99bpm Artist: Psyentifica Title: Feather Wind...
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    Help re-launch Infinity Loop Music

    Greetings, I am campaigning for your support so I can relaunch Infinity Loop Music. Please check out my indiego campaign and if you can't afford to donate please share- it might inspire someone else to. Fund Infinity Loop Music | Indiegogo
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    you have 45 days 2hrs 57min to save the world.

    listen to your heart
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    Raparuma - Three Worlds [EP]

    Enchanting is the new psychedelic chill-out project of Russian trio Tx, Smartex, and Ziflex which make up Raparuma. In ‘Three words’ we find three complex and creative tracks that jump out with character. Combining electronic and acoustic elements, this debut is tweaked to add just the right...
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    Infinityloop - Only time will tell

    Imagine the soundtrack to the last 24minutes before we reach Andromeda Galaxy, the nearest spiral galaxy to earth. Each track reflecting a lifetime spent traveling into the future. Only time will tell, where and when we rise, what becomes of our lifebond… Check out the tracks in the...
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    Psyentifica - Wildcat Roots [Tipper opening set]

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    Psyentifica - Wildcat Roots [Tipper opening set]

    [CLICK] Opening set for Tipper in Vancouver BC, Easter weekend featuring liquid stranger, habstrakt, vespers, and more...
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    Mega techno-house mix

    Thank you to all the labels that send me promos every year, this 2011 year had some amazing releases and I’ve just finished compiling a huge 2011 techno house mix. Tracklist: Dani Sbert – Headroom Wrong (rico martines & pablo ros) – wrong (crisdeluxe real4play remix) John Manning & Matt...
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    Infinityloop - Unity [out now! album download]

    Tracklist ∞ Infinityloop - Nature Vibes Infinityloop - One Love Infinityloop - Higher Spirits Infinityloop - Limitless Infinityloop - Eternal Echoes Infinityloop - Collective Harmony Download : [CLICK] Info ∞ Catalogue #: ILMF005 Running time: 41:52 Style: Trance BPM: 123-142...
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    Psyentifica - Feel the sunrise [psy/prog set]

    The light fills the sky with a new wave of anticipation for the day. Birdsongs and feet stomping fill the atmosphere as the celebration continues. The energy builds with the pulsing rhythms… PSYENTIFICA – FEEL THE SUNRISE ============================== Tracklist: ========== [=00:00=]=00...
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    Psyentifica - Ozosphere [album download]

    // Album Description Somewhere above the vibrational frequencies of rivers and streams, birds and people the Ozosphere exists as a fantasy; as a crystallized creation of ideas, which take you somewhere you’ve never been before. A fantasy world isn’t complete with a soundtrack, and this 13...
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    Mid-Tempo Solstice Set.

    Did this up for 8-9:30pm set at Entheos Music Festival : Entheos Summer Solstice Festival and Conference, Nahatlatch Valley, Boston Bar, BC 81min // 26 tracks // 88 - 130bpm Download : CLICK Tracklist: circuit bent vs mr. bill vs tom cosm - incompusmentus pretty lights - hot like sauce...
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    ReOrder & Jaycan - Come with me to Varanasi [infinityloop rmx]

    Original is a brilliant melodic track released by Silent Shore Recordings and they held a remix contest which I didn't win. heres my attempt, unofficialy freely released: ReOrder and Jaycan - Come with me to Varanasi[infinityloop remix]
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    V/A Natural Selection V.2 [free psytrance compilation]

    Natural Selection V.2 was compiled by Psyentifica and PsychoActive as a project to feature up and coming psytrance producers and showcase some fine uplifting and driving music. With a two year span since the first of the series we hope the tracks included were worth the extra year. //Release...
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    Psyentifica - Psychill mix

    This new mix features 12 out of 16 freely available tracks and one new infinityloop track which will be out soon. Psyentifica – Meum cor Duxisti [latin to english translation : you have lead my heart] Download Mix : [Click] Visit Psyentifica : [Click] OOOD - Alpha Relaxation (edit)...
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    Unstorm vs. Untech - Solnce [ILM033 Free Download]

    ILM033 can now be downloaded for free till dec.31 Enjoy this melodic trance track for a limited time only... [320k] MP3 Download : Untech vs Unstorm - Solnce [original mix][CLICK] Untech vs Unstorm - Solnce [infinityloop remix] [CLICK] Full release info here : [CLICK]...
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    Crystal Lake - Skywalker [ILM032 Free Download]

    Our second release from ILM can now be downloaded for free till dec.31 Enjoy this timeless classic for a limited time only... [320k] MP3 Download : Crystal Lake - Skywalker [original mix][CLICK] Crystal Lake - Skywalker [infinityloop remix] [CLICK] Full release info here ...
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    Evgeny Shagalov - Touching time [upcoming trance]

    With the release of ‘Touching time’ and ILM’s belated 4 year birthday [november 5th] we are having a huge promotional offer for you. Buy 1 Track- Get 10 tracks free [320k singles] That’s right, just send us your proof of purchase [screenshot, transaction ID, etc.] for 1 ILM track and...