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    BESTIVAL TICKETS - Pair 2 day + Ferry $275 or Best Offer

    Hi All, Broke my ankle and can't go to this festival unfortunately. Looking to get rid of these tickets, I will transfer the tickets into your name. Paid through interac email transfer. BESTIVAL TICKETS - Pair - 2 day + Ferry $275 or Best Offer I paid $400 for these tickets...
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    Crass.Mix - PreBoarding Announcement DNB Mix with orginal unsigned tune!

    Made this mix before my 2 week work stint in Poland. Gave me sanity at the airport. Included one of my unsigned tunes in the mix as well. Thanks for the support and please click FOLLOW PreBoardingAnnouncement by Crass.Mix on SoundCloud - Hear the world...
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    Happy Bday Canada! Crass.Mix - Can I have your Company FREE DL!

    Happy Canada Day! To all my fellow Canadian partiers and all who love Canada! Here is a free tune for ya! JUMP! DANCE! Blow some shit up! :O:) https://soundcloud.com/crassmix/haveyourcompany
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    New Tunes from Crass

    Hey Guys, Have some new tunes on my soundcloud. Follow if you like, more tunes/mixes on the way :D https://soundcloud.com/crassmix/crassmix-nothern-echo https://soundcloud.com/crassmix/crass-mix-with-out-you Always love hearing from people. Also if you want to collab. Shoot me a...
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    the Return - dnb Set

    It's been a little over a year since I've recorded a mix. Finally have some decks, and an original track. Been itching to to play they these tunes for a while. Always gets lots of love from tribe. Big Up! TL: Crass.mix-With Out You Bcee, S.P.Y.-Is Anybody Out There - Original...
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    For Sale/Trade: Dell Vostro 1400, VCI-300, nanoKontrol2, Axiom 25

    Hey guys looking to trade or sell this stuff. Dell Vostro 1400 Specs: Specifications: Core 2 Duo T5470 (1.6Ghz, 2MB L2 Cache, 800MHz FSB) 14.1” Wide Screen XGA LCD Display with TrueLife 1GB DDR2 667Mhz 128MB Nvidia Geforce 8400GS 120GB 5400RPM SATA Genuine...
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    LIVE Dub-plate Speacialist III

    Hear those speakers rumble sq1 http://soundcloud.com/crassmix/live-dubplate-specialist-iii
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    Seba Painted Skies Knowledge remix competition

    So who has an entry? here is mine. http://soundcloud.com/crassmix/seba-painted-skies-crass-remix Knowledge Seba Remix Competition | Knowledge Magazine
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    Fs: Vci-300 $600 obo

    For sale like new VCI-300. Everything works, no scratchs. I lost the box with the move. Please PM or email crassdj @ gmail.com Thanks. Also willing to trade for two CDJ 800mk2 plus some cash. Located in Mississauga, but willing to meet up.
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    crass.mix - last november - 60 min DNB mix

    Techy n liquid bizness, like I usually do. Track list: B-Complex - Reflections Smote, Blue Motion - Carolina feat. Blue Motion Deep Focus - Moon feat. Dan Lambert Dose - The Place In Between Paul SG - Slippers Bcee, S.P.Y. - Is Anybody Out There Siren - Broken Silence Bcee, S.P.Y. -...
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    Dungeon Kru Live - Crass.Mix alongside Danger D - DnB

    A while back I won the Dungeon Kru & Dubplate Special Mix contest. This is the live show I did with Dungeon Kru & MC Danger D.. Thanks for having me out DK! Big Up! DRUM & BASS, DNB, D&B, OLDSKOOL, JUNGLE, DUBSTEP INTERNET RADIO - 24 HOURS A DAY. ONCE LOCKED ADDICTED FOR LIFE - BASSJUNKEES...
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    The M-Shift Radio Show (Australia) feat. crass.mix -dnb

    Last Saturday I was featured on the M-Shift. Great group of guys from Australia. http://www.ibreaks.co.uk/archives/brendanClay23-Jul-2010-iBreaks-96k.mp3 Link to the radio show, the podcast should be up soon and their website updated as well. The M Shift | iBreaks.co.uk If you just...
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    crass.mix / action auction / drum n bass 60 mix

    Hey Tribe, Got another mix up. If you know whats good for your drum n bass soul, you'll check it :) TrackList: Dirtyphonics - Pimp Slap Bcee - Help You - Shock One Nero - Electron Xample, Lomax - Remember feat. Ikay Break - Bass Face DatA - The Visitor Digital, Outrage -...
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    crass.mix / Image / DNB Mix

    Hey Tribe, got a new mix for you dnb heads. Nice rollers and smooth basslines. TrackList: 1 Well Being — I Heart You 2 Various Artists — I Need You 3 Marcus Intalex — Temperance 4 K-dan — Particle Collision 5 Bachelors of Science — Dreams Come True...
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    OneEmpire along side Glease Piece - DNB mix

    Hello Tribers, A new mix from me, with my friend MC Glease Piece on the mic. Hope you guys enjoy it. I really enjoyed making this mix and having an MC on it. TL: Jonny L - Microdaze Apex - Gonzo Ed Rush & Optical - Chubrub Marcus Intalex - Temperance Bachelors Of Science - The Ice...
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    crass.mix itch - dnb.dubstep.house.electro 60min

    It has been awhile since I have posted anything. Finally got into my groove after working in Europe for 2 months. Some dnb, electro, house and dubstep. Something different this time around. Enjoy. To Stream: crassmix - Tracks - SoundCloud To Download...
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    Cisco ASA 5505 help!!

    This is a long shot but I'm running out of ideas. Basically. I have two vlans set up on my ASA, outside , inside. All works fine and dandy, also have a VPN set up. The issue I am running into is with my VOIP. I can call out, but any call coming in. Is being disconnected after...
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    Bon Voyage crass.mix / liquid funk dnb

    So I decided to make a mix before my departure to Poland. Gonna be working there in my companies facility for 7 weeks. I wanted one more mix to be done for 09 in Canada. Quick one 48 Mins, Liquid funk dnb. Enjoy! TL: Mutt I Used To - Original Mix Lenzman & Submorphics Respiration...
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    another crass.mix / drum & bass

    To download : http://soundcloud.com/crassmix/another-crass-mix/download (iTunes compatible with cover art n tracklist) To stream : http://soundcloud/crassmix/another-crass-mix Facebook fan page Tracklist: Goodbye - Command Strange You don't have to run - Concord Dawn Cosmonaut -...
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    crass.mix // crassTRpromo // dnb

    A promotional mix I made for www.TorontoRaves.com It's drum n bass the whole spectrum from hard to intelligent. Just the way I like it. Hope you do as well. Future Prophecies - Bring the noise Zinc - The star of Polaris Ed Rush & Optical and Fierce - Alien Girl Funk Masters -...