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    R.I.P. Will Kim

    Will, I'll always miss you. May you be in a better place. R.I.P. Ray.
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    Happy early bday Lil' Timmy TIMMAH!

    Have a great one ! RayRay
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    Happy birthday Smiley Jo

    Happy Birthday Jo Jo Rock! Ray.
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    Happy Birthday Red Turtle

    To my fellow Birchmount Park C.I. Alumni... Happy Birthday! Ray.
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    Happy 30th Birthday Libradragon!

    Happy Birthday! Ray.
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    TimmyP oh TimmyP, Where 4 Art Thou TimmyP

    ... does this sound familiar? hi :-� Libradragon knows house. (I don't know squat.) And my roommate is the best roommate in the whole WIDE world. Fo shizzle ma nizzles. oh yah, ChROmE deserves a big foot up in his face yo! 2 Da Beat thanks for da cream! west...
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    Every once in a while I feel the sun shine throuuuugh...

    ^^^ I believe it's MAW. RayRay.
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    Vince really does want out

    Vince I'm so sick and tired of players wining about everything...and it seems like basketball players are among the worst. It's a shame because basketball has always been my favourite sport, even growing up as a kid watching Dr. J, Magic, Bird etc. Is it not the players' role to play their...
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    Industry Reunion!!!

    Industry Reunion What an incredible party....I don't recall anything close to this since the 90's. Perfect venue, great sound, Dj's all rockin' it, amazing crowd. The biggest problem of the night was figuring out which room to go to because the music was so good. To top it all off, to see...
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    jeremy -foundations- jive *new CD*

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: jeremy -foundations- jive *new CD* Thanx Buddy... Ray. :p Jer'
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    jeremy -foundations- jive *new CD*

    Re: Re: Re: Re: jeremy -foundations- jive *new CD* Where the F*** did I come into this conversation!?! Ray....Ka
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    lcg - Tell You Something

    Sorry, I had dibs on this one.:p Ray.
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    The Dawn Power Dish Dildo

    Imagine the one for the toilet. Ray.
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    Happy Birthday Myka!

    To my partner in crime, the Butt of all my jokes, and....My best friend, Happy Birthday! Ray.
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    latest pick-ups.....

    Give me my record back! Biiiiiiach! Ray.
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    Tribe Pick-up Basketball?

    I'm in Too! Ray.
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    i dont get the new coke commercial

    The commercial where the guy sticks the can of coke in his armpit and then gives it to his friend doesn't exactly make me thirsty. Ray.
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    White pants/capris--- is it acceptable?

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    White pants/capris--- is it acceptable?

    exactly. Ray.
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    White pants/capris--- is it acceptable?

    Sweet-e, Why would *YOU* need advice on undergarments? Ray.