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    Bjork on the island

    Please note that the set times are: Doors 4pm ish (may be a little late) Kid Koala 6:55pm Bonnie Prince Billy 7:45pm Bjork 9pm Site looks great... See you here. Emerge
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    For Sale: Two Bjork Tickets

    New Date New date is Sept 3rd, not 4th. If you need a refund, you can get one at point of purchase. Thanks, Emerge
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    Bjork to release 8 DVDs this summer!

    http://www.tribemagazine.com/board/showthread.php?s=&threadid=39991 = answers
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    olympic island??

    Here is the deal... The show will only be officially announced next Monday (26th) and will go on sale Friday (30th). If you subscribe to a Bjork mailing list you may get a pre-sale password. Olympic Island is indeed part of Toronto Islands - they hold events there such as Caribana and the...
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    seeking merguez (the sausage)

    Hey, I'm looking for a spot in Toronto to buy some authentic style Algerian/North African merguez sausages. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would much much apreciate it. Thanks in advance, mL
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    Orbital @ Opera House

    To answer all the questions above here you go: - Emerge is a live events company, we have produced and co-produced show with everyone from Orbital to Goldfinger to Chemical Bros. to Spiritualized - The economics for a live show are very different from a "rave", so we can't afford to have...
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    Fat Boy Slim

    for those who enjoyed the Mint Royale set - they should be back in town as part of the new "motor" series at the Phoenix on May 28th - $5 at the door with very cheap drinks to boot...
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    Fat Boy Slim

    Check out some pics from The Warehouse show: www.emergeworld.com - he should be back in the Fall with a cheaper ticket and some good friends...