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    Toronto Restaurants that are an *EXPERIENCE*

    Finally checked out Joe Beef in Montreal a couple weeks ago. I had no idea what to expect, and had thought that some of the hype was due to Anthony Bourdain visiting, but it certain did not disappoint. Super casual and unpretentious vibe, and dishes were extremely innovative with really great...
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    Pokémon GO

    I was in Montreal a couple weeks ago, and came out of Atwater metro station at around 11 PM at night. Probably at least 500 people paraded into the nearby movie theatre. Had no idea what was happening until we asked someone, and they said that there was a lure in there! Craziness.
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    Recommend a Provincial park with a great swimming beach

    Pinery Provincial park has beautiful beaches...right on lake huron.
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    What are you having for dinner?

    delicious burgers from The Friendly Butcher on the new BBQ! This new Weber BBQ is the best purchase of the summer! :)
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    Career Change

    I read way more than I post on Tribe, but really had to chime in here, because I really think you should go for it. I've taken several leaps of faith in my 'career': Engineer -> Lawyer at bay street firm -> quit that to join a friend's law firm starting out with zero clients -> now have a...
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    Contiki v. Top Deck v. GAP v. Planning Solo

    You totally should get a prize! :) *looks around innocently* OOPS!!!! reading fail on my part.
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    Contiki v. Top Deck v. GAP v. Planning Solo

    I'm excited for you! For the places you mention in Europe (Vienna, Prague, berlin, etc), I think you'd have an amazing time doing it alone instead of with a group. All those cities are pretty tourist friendly and everyone speaks a bit of english. And perhaps join a 1-2 day tour for your...
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    [[...snow addiktz 2010/2011...]]

    okay, you totally win. ;)
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    [[...snow addiktz 2010/2011...]]

    just got back from an awesome time out west @ Whistler. amazing conditions...what a treat! many of you will find it appalling that i'm still riding my 10-yr old salomon driver board with very very outdated and old bindings. every year, i'm *this* close to getting something new, but then my...
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    Help 420 guy win this contest

    voted, will keep voting, and good luck!!! awesome video.
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    Toronto Restaurants that are an *EXPERIENCE*

    Hi tribe! Does anyone have any recommendations for restaurants in Sydney or Melbourne? Anything ranging from a three star Michelin equivalent (or similar) to the old splendid in Toronto to black hoof to burrito boys. I only have two recommendations so far; Jacques reymond in Melbourne and...
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    2010 in one word

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    Christmas gift ideas under $50

    @lucky1: those are gifts I've gotten people in the past! though i just realized that list probably reflects my love for photography and coffee. your marmalade idea sounds amazing! you are so talented! mmmmmm @alexd: yes! I've seen the documentary! it blew my mind.
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    Christmas gift ideas under $50

    1) 35 mm "Action Sampler" Lomography Camera ($30 USD) 2) 2x custom mugs (anything really) from Artik 3) 2x moleskine journals (available on Amazon.ca) 4) Indie Coffee Passport ($25 for one coffee/drink at 24 different independent coffee shops in Toronto) 5) Edward Burtynsky's "Manufactured...
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    Getting a cat

    So excited for you that you are getting cat(s)!! Another benefit of getting an older cat is that they generally don't need as much attention during the day and thus will not be lonely if you and your fiance are both at work. We got a 7 year old cat from the shelter, and he spends the majority...
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    For the Cyclists in Tribeland.

    I'm so excited for you!!!! You'll have to tell us how it is!! I had a similar issue when I was shopping for my road bike. It was hard finding a frame small enough to fit me, with the components I wanted. I ended up getting an Opus Sibelius. Opus is a Montreal bike company. My frame is 44 cm...
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    TIFF 2010 - am I the only one left on this board who is interested in this?

    ME! I'm super pumped about TIFF this year! Got 2x 10-ticket flex packs to be split between me and the boy. I'm nowhere near done my selections. So hard to choose! Any hot tips about films I must watch?
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    mmmm Coffee!

    For all coffee lovers, check this out. $20 gets you 24 coffees (up to $5) at 24 different coffee shops in Toronto. BlogTO post - Indie Coffee Passport