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    Looking For Old Electricain Mixes

    Im looking for old Electrican mixes or Mix tapes can anyone help
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    Darcy Tucker

    Darcy Tucker the dirtiest player in the NHL right now actually wait the stuipest player. I agree with Lindy Ruff its a joke Tucker is a joke and should not be in the NHL. Thats 2 times in less than a week he has purposely gone out his way to hurt another player. To me that is a sign that he has...
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    Go Sens Go

    Just want to say GO SENS GO. And to the leaf fans GO HABS GO
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    Coming into T.O.

    Coming itno T.O on saturday wat kind a jungle can i look forward to.
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    wheres soundbwoy

    does anyone know what happen to soundbwoy.ca
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    I need jungle info for Ottawa so if anyone can help let me know
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    Need INfo

    IF anyone has info on da Marcus and Ryan Ruckus in Ottawa please pass it along
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    Ottawa Heads

    I have noticed that theres no after hours clubs in dis city. Just a quick ? for all da heads in Ottawa I would like to know what you guys would be intreasted in for an afterhours club. Or a chill lounge? Any feed back would be great.
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    Wat is ur fav way to smoke da sticky icky? Me bong hits Blades and Buckets
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    DJ Dan Ottawa

    So whos goin to make it for this night on Dec 5th @ Space nite club in Ottawa
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    Ottawa Tribe members

    Hey anyone from Ottawa Iam ne to your fine city and would like to know the best places to go in Ottawa for House Breaks and Jungle so if you can help please do.
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    Sup all just a quick question

    Well here it goes Ive been noticing a lot of bitchin lately about how the scene has changed. Iam sure we all have for that matter. I was just wondering where everyone stands on this isssue. I personally would love to see the scene go back to what it used to. Our scene can not last forever...
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    New Years

    Whats the big plan for this new years
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    Ottawa For halloween

    Whats goin on in the nations capital this year for halloween
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    Is there much of anything to do in brantford can anyone know . Iam here for a few weeks before I go out west
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    Hey listen Im new in ottawa and I would like to know whats goin on in this city
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    Boat Cruises

    Since Ive read an article in the Hamilton Spec a few weeks back about the party barge being taken out of service I was wonderin what was goin to be used this summer
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    NUMB 9 year

    What about the NUMB 9 year bash anyone down for this on Saturday:cool:
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    Ontario boy goin out west soon would like to know the hot spots thanx:D
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    Need help finding Ring tone

    I need to find the original nuttah ring tone for my cell please help fellow tribers