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    dear tribe.ca (aka tribemagazine.com and/or alexd),

    ila - where's your faith?? T.J. does have a purpose! Bringing us all back to reality. boh! bacerdata, welcome to the other side... they have drugs and drama here too! ;)
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    Hi Girls, Can anyone suggest alteration places in the downtown core? I need to get a dress shortened and possibly taken in for a wedding on the 23'rd. Thanks :)
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    So who's going to rock the boat with Mark Oliver & JELO @ Beats Ahoy 5!?

    May 27th! :eek: First cruise of the summer?! And sick line-up too! Pretty stoked to booze n' cruise with Mark O, Jelo, & Robb G!:D Who else is getting their dancing shoes on for this beautiful start to a summer of boat cruisin??
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    *~*John B @ Comfort Zone April 7th!*~*

    I think I’m going to go stalk me some John B at Comfort Zone this Saturday!! http://www.myspace.com/johnbbeta Wasn’t so keen on the CZ idea, but the last two Abstract parties there have absolutely kicked ass, and the sound is AMAZING!! (Guess it’s the going there at 6am Sunday morning...
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    Concord Dawn & Noisia @ Comfort Zone 04/14!!!

    :eek: Wouldn't miss this one for anything!! loves me some Concord Dawn!!
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    Does anyone know this girl?

    man, this thread hit the gutter pretty damn quick!
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    Does anyone know this girl?

    ok ok... so just before I go to bed... I don't think she'll mind if I post two more, they're probably my two favorite of hers! ;) these are STUNNING!
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    Does anyone know this girl?

    hahaha... I'm thinking that perhaps Peej might not want me to condone the perving of all of tribe over his litter sister anymore. I feel guilty already! eep!
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    Does anyone know this girl?

    why not?? she knows I did ;) just promoting hotness on tribe!
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    Does anyone know this girl?

    Alisha is BEAUTIFUL!! honestly one of the most striking females I've seen!
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    Evan G - Party in my Pants

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    Girl stuff forum

    American Apparel on Queen :)
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    can't believe Tim won! *shakes fist*

    I totally thought sean had it! dissapointed :(
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    Girl stuff forum

    so does that website ship free in canada? and are they canadian prices?
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    Girl stuff forum

    Grumblegirl - What brand of yogurt pills do you use? I'm supposed to be taking these, but I never got around to finding one's I liked. missriot - website for the candida diet?
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    Saturday Night stayin' in crew

    I'm a bit tipsy.... dealing with mom the night before she leaves on a 2 week trip = not possible to handle unless alcohol is consumed... in excess. ha. but she's had a few herself and is loosening up... not so sure that's a good thing with the airport limo coming at 6am. Mom doesn't...
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    Saturday Night stayin' in crew

    I see kids doing it at the mall all the time, and a few friends own it, but I've never had the chance to try it out! It looks hard.. is it about memorizing the moves?
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    Saturday Night stayin' in crew

    share the wealth.. he was my first favorite jungle dj evar! way back during the renegade rewind days.
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    Saturday Night stayin' in crew

    dance dance! I wanna try!