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    pemberton festival

    ok, you can't deny this is epic. even though the dj lineup is rather sad. end of july, in pemberton. Coldplay Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Nine Inch Nails Jay-Z Flaming Lips Interpol Death Cab For Cutie The Tragically Hip Serj Tankian My Morning Jacket Metric Sam Roberts...
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    is it true?

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    gimme the goods on this city

    is there a good online listing of clubs and whatnot? or reliable promoters whose sights i can monitor? anything along the d&b / breaks / chill vibe is up my alley. that is all
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    shipping a printer with ink cartridges in

    i'm shipping my printer, if i leave the ink cartridges in, will it screw it up (with the printer getting turned upside down and all)? i tried googling it, but good luck getting any results other than cartridge sellers.
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    can someone please babysit my cats??

    i'm moving to van from toronto, and need someone to take care of my two cats while i find a place. since i'm arriving a week or so before the end of the month, i'm counting on finding a place for the first of the month - therefore it would only be roughly a week they'd need a home. any cat...
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    moving / shipping electronics

    anyone have any experience shipping things like computer, stereo, etc? if i pay to ship stuff across the country, i want to make sure it works at the other end. what companies are best and still cheap?
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    buy my records! all genres

    well most genres anyways. sorry for the total mess - if you want to know more about a certain record (catalog info or whatever), pm me. i'm too lazy to get all dewey decimal on these things. as for price - i'm not looking to make money, just to lighten my load - so i'm saying 5 bucks a plate...
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    complete oldschool darkroom setup

    i've got a high quality enlarger (berkey omega c760 condensor), with the light timer, trays, all the bits and pieces to get going developing photos the old fashioned way. must unload - if there's any purists out there who still enjoy the smell of chemicals, make me an offer i can't refuse...
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    antivirus remote scanner

    i'm on my grandma's computer, the thing is getting nasty popups that close ie, so i dl'd adaware and when i try and run it, after 10 seconds the computer automatically shuts down. she's got that crappy bell antivirus and firewall program, and i don't really want to bother with uninstalling it...
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    my explorer crashed violently this morning. then my firewall tells me "bla.exe is trying to access the internet". and there it is, on my c drive, lying bareass naked for all to see - bla.exe. i've found a couple forums where a few people seem to be contracting this lameass worm in the last...
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    this weekend. sunday night. what's going on?? looking for something not too huge (aka not aria) - smaller, non-pretentious club, or even just good place to chill and drink - hit me with some reccomendations.... must be something worthy on the long weekend.
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    annex pool?

    as in billiards, not swimtrunks. anyone have a favourite place for a few rounds of pool and pints in the spadina / bloor hood? preferably cheap and relaxed...
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    temp agencies

    so i work in film, which right now is deadsville. i'm looking to fill the void and pay the rent for a few weeks - hello temp job!! i don't really have office experience, so i'm probably looking more for manual labour type stuff (although obviously i'd rather not be doing anything too...
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    conan guests?

    anyone seen a list of the guests for conan in toronto this week? in a tv guide or something? i've got tix for wednesday, and i want to know if i get to see anyone exciting
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    28 days later endings??

    so i've seen the flic twice in theaters, but never the alternate endings. a few people are coming over to watch the dvd tonight - wondering if any of the alternate endings are "better" than the theater version, or if i should just stick with the original feelgood. (i'm assuming you can...
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    reasonable downtown hotels?

    and non sketchy... my parents are coming to the city, and want me to hook them up with a reasonable hotel downtown... little help?
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    so who got conan tickets??

    we are pleased to inform you that we are holding 2 tickets for you for Late Night with Conan O'Brien at Toronto's Elgin Theatre! YOU MUST BRING THIS LETTER WITH YOU TO CLAIM YOUR TICKETS. yes, that email made my night last night... this is the bothersome part though : Ticket...
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    dress code at hooch tonight?

    anyone been to the d&b night there on saturdays? is the dress code tight? i can't believe it would be for a d&b night, but they've got a stated 'style code'
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    anyone who's ever taken photos in a club...

    should be ashamed. ashamed and humbled. because of these guys, on the other side of the world : turning club photography into an art form. who gets shots like those in a club? for lots more : http://www.clubtallinn.ee/index.php?galpg=1&page=6&lang=et&gallery=98&#first...
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    PS2 snowboarders

    SSX3 is out today. perfect timing, to get me through this shitty fall weather until there's snow on the ground and i can hit the hills in real life.