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    Com Truise at Wrongbar tonight!

    Anybody? Just posted on his website earlier this week... wish I could be there, one of my favourite discoveries of the last year... synth craziness.
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    Tribe already has its own version with the eternal what-the-hell-are-you-listening-to thread, but who else is on this? I'm sure some of you would make more interesting additions to my favourites list than the randoms blip suggested... http://blip.fm/nonlocal
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    Nobody stays up late with me anymore

    What's the big deal with daytime anyway?
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    Bose Active Suspension

    I probably should have just tacked this on to the end of one of the existing car threads, but I thought this was pretty amazing in more than just a car-porn way... If you get bored of watching the car glide over bumps and so on make sure you watch the last demo in the video. Crazy!
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    So according to George Strombolopolous on the Hour, as of tomorrow Canadians can finally switch phone companies and keep their phone number. Rogers is in some serious trouble-- if only other companies offered GSM service... Anyway I'm pretty thrilled about this and I'm going to be shopping for...
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    9 Coil Interviews on Brainwashed

    I had initially considered framing this post with a brief bio or description of Coil; an entity I hold in very high esteem-- but I doubt I could say enough to convince the uninitiated to listen to many hours of scratchy old interviews; nor, perhaps, would there be much value in there for them...
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    A meditation on scenesterism and human beings as art.

    There was a great article in the March issue of Harper's written by Bill Wasik, the inventor of the flashmob. I just noticed that it was posted on their website, and thought I would share the link. Those of you who think this post is too long already probably don't need to bother making the...
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    Scratch 'n Spin -- Traffic circles remixed?

    Sorry if this is a repost. http://www.zippyvideos.com/3328389063290496/eb_proxfade_400_225_web/
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    LF: Overhead projector?

    Anybody know where I could rent one of these relics from our collective public school past for an evening next week? (Tuesday, specifically...)