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    *** America's Next Top Model Cycle 7 ***

    she actually has psoriasis. it covered 70% of her body before she went the show. i think it's awesome it has cleared up for her and she is able to follow her dreams. personally i think all of them look terrible outside of their pictures. i want caridee to win.
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    have you ever broken up a relationship?

    *keeps mouth firmly shut*
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    Harvest Festival 2006

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    What is love?

    i have not read any of the responces. love to me is something that grows over time. it's learning about someone and accepting them through thick and thin, through all of their faults and being able to forgive them. it's trusting them, wanting to see them happy and doing whatever it takes to...
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    WEMF jumped the shark, but I'll still prolly go anyways.

    i think we are actually heading up late tonight.. around 11pm! eeep. rain?! :O
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    FS: Two WEMF 3 Day Passes - $50 each

    please anwser your PM's and emails!
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    hot Hot HOT men...unff!

    i fell in love with him after moulin rouge.
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    hot Hot HOT men...unff!

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    WEMF jumped the shark, but I'll still prolly go anyways.

    if everything goes according to plan, heading up saturday! jess! come with us!!!
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    Bridge Jumping

    a friend and i went to the elora quarry last weekend. you can scale one of the rock walls and climb to a ledge and jump off. there are tons of places to cliff dive there. the rangers are hilarious. they try and catch people jumping from the highest points. you see them run out to grab...
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    i started the weekend thread!

    ^apparently there is no cherry beach this sunday. for me? tonight: rest and pack. saturday: leave for elora gorge, swim, go inner tubbing, eat yummy fire roasted food, drink beer, chill. sunday: more swimming, tanning, and debauch camping pleasures. monday: come home, sleep.
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    FST: Strangest place you've ever gotten it on.

    we had the back seat down so our heads poked out.
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    FST: Strangest place you've ever gotten it on.

    in the trunk of my jetta. jetta was parked at spadina and college on a saturday afternoon. :D
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    Most fav Camping music...NEED HELP WITH TRACKLISTING.

    going camping this weekend! ben harper is a must.
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    nothing makes me happier than a plate full of samosas and a pint of ice cold stella! raaaawr!!!
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    So You Think You Can Dance Thead!

    someone needs to stuff something large in her gob.
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    Happy Birthday JELO!!!!

    happy birthday mister who makes my booty shake.
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    Best bar to get ripped?

    the brunny.
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    Saturday Thread...giddy. up.

    i have to work tonight. :eek:
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    The Streets & Lady Sovereign - Anyone Go?

    went completly last minute and i'm so glad i did. hands down one of the best live acts i have seen in years. the last 20 minutes of the streets blew me away. mike skinner ripped off his shirt and crowd surfed. amazing performance!