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    Labour of Love aka Summers End - A Review

    Hybrid was godlike! that aside..... does anyone know the name of the track that Ferry Corstein played before Moguai's "Get On". It was around 5amish and started with an acapella vocoder spieling about Amsterdam and then dropped hard and the whole place went nuts. Kinda progressive electro...
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    Dj Dan?????

    It wasn't Linzee, she was in the backroom. The "femme" in question was Randy Twigg. She owned the VIP room that night... and every other room that she plays! Killer shit from a kickin chick. beit
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    Where is Tribe?

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    Where is Tribe?

    I'm on my way to Noise right now. Anyone wanna meet for a quickie in the changeroom? b
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    Where is Tribe?

    This may sound like a stupid question but is Tribe still printing? I live on Queen St. West and go to several clubs and/or parties a month and have yet to see a new issue of Tribe this year! What's up? I have tried all the usual haunts and no one has been able to tell me if Tribe...
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    Roland MC 303 for sale

    MC 303 for sale. like new. manual and case...$425 or best offer jallywally@hotmail.com
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    Evil P @ System

    Brian Jezbone played at 3:30am in the VIP room. He ripped it apart! That's the first time I have seen him spin, and I must say, watch out for this guy. He is incredible! I have never seen people rock the VIP room like that. It's about time we had more hard techno in this city. Hopefully...
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    "The Jelo show"

    "Stairway To Headphones" !!!!! I just pee'd my pants! beit
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    FischerSpooner Tix 4 Sale!

    ^^^ Tell me about it! ^^^
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    Activate @ Nation Oct 6

    Jelo! Jelo, as always, made it all happen for me. .. and I too walked full-on into that mirrored wall... clanged my tooth on it and spilt my water all over the crotch of my pants. beit
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    DJ JELO - MWE & ACTIVATE: wanna make you 'jiggle' @ NATION - Saturday October 5th !

    J-Dog at R-Square Take a dog, a house pet, that's been fed and pampered all it's life, and train it to be a vicious watchdog. You can't alter that dog's personality with biscuits or pills. You have to chain it, bait it and taunt it until it turns and bares it's fangs and is ready for the...
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    Comfort Zone

    Well, after a 2 year absence I am happy to report that I have spent the last 2 sundays at Comfort Zone and it still rocks! For those of you, like me, that stopped going because it got too sketchy/strippy... I encourage you to give it another chance. The crowd both weekends were great and the...
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    john selway @ nation

    I was the guy with the floppy bangs and the white Nitzer Ebb 1987 tour shirt. You?
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    john selway @ nation

    I was one of the 5 left at the end when the lights came on. Nice dancin' with ya! As for the breaks "controversy"... I was there for Mr. Selway's entire set and he did in fact play "breaks" quite often. Just not breaks in the stereotypical fashion. Call it electro-breaks/industrial...
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    john selway @ nation

    Set of the year. ...pfft
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    Church & Wellesley (a.k.a. not the 1groove stage) at PRIDE

    I just in time for Dekoze and lost my head in fucking great music. In particular, Jelo played the set of a lifetime! Even now... 2 days later I am still reverberating from the intense goodness. Highlights for me: Sarah McLachlan (Rabbit In The Moon Remix) Timo Maas - To Get Down...
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    Montreal Board???

    Does anyone know if there is a Montreal equivalant to the Tribe board. Aria's board doesn't count since it is too venue specific. Thanks.
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    1Groove Gone?

    Re: Re: 1Groove Gone? Hey Guys! Where have you been lately? Call me sometime.
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    1Groove Gone?

    I apologize if this has been around already. Is 1Groove.com over? I heard a nasty rumour to that effect. Please tell me it is not so. beit