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    Hi Girls, Can anyone suggest alteration places in the downtown core? I need to get a dress shortened and possibly taken in for a wedding on the 23'rd. Thanks :)
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    So who's going to rock the boat with Mark Oliver & JELO @ Beats Ahoy 5!?

    May 27th! :eek: First cruise of the summer?! And sick line-up too! Pretty stoked to booze n' cruise with Mark O, Jelo, & Robb G!:D Who else is getting their dancing shoes on for this beautiful start to a summer of boat cruisin??
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    *~*John B @ Comfort Zone April 7th!*~*

    I think I’m going to go stalk me some John B at Comfort Zone this Saturday!! http://www.myspace.com/johnbbeta Wasn’t so keen on the CZ idea, but the last two Abstract parties there have absolutely kicked ass, and the sound is AMAZING!! (Guess it’s the going there at 6am Sunday morning...
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    Transferring itunes from your PC to Mac?

    Ok, someone here must be able to help me. I've had my itunes for the last 2 years on my PC. I just bought the new Macbook Pro, and would like to transfer my playlists from my PC to my Mac. How do I go about this? And I'm new to Mac, so explain in detail please! :D Thanks! also...
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    So who won the DMC's??

    I'm super curious! gimme the scoop!
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    Directions to Fever in Hamilton

    I'm stupid. I forget. How do you get there from QEW??