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    2007-2008 Toronto Maple Leafs

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    Tips for installing window A/C units?

    Secure it horizontally using the spacers and use some blocks of wood on the outside windowsill to keep it from falling out. You can buy plexiglass at most home building stores like RONA if plywood isn't your style. You can also use insulating foam window strips to fill in the gaps. A...
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    Fuck It - Air Conditioning is Going On BLAST

    Who knew this was such a debate. http://www.bankrate.com/brm/news/auto/20050804a1.asp Basically <40mph Windows, >40mph AC Now that's interesting!
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    Fuck It - Air Conditioning is Going On BLAST

    Question: What’s Gore better? Driving with the windows down = higher wind resistance and lower fuel economy vs. Driving with the windows up and the AC on = lower fuel economy. And screw all you who say not driving at all. It's already been established as the superior form of transportation.
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    Daft Punk Presale Code - anyone know it?

    no worries man, we're going! ps youoweme70bucks;)
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    First myspace now facebook...anyone on it?

    ha! I'm such a dork.
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    First myspace now facebook...anyone on it?

    Whats with having to give your email password? Doesn't this make anyone else nervous?:confused:
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    Coachella 2007!

    Agreed. I thought when I went to see them that they would actually turn some lights on and I'd actually "see" them. Huge disappointment.
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    Nobody cares...

    It's a sad day. I just added "bling" to my email dictionary.
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    Cat Help - Sick kitty :(

    We looked into that. Our little episode basically cost us about a grand when it was all said and done and they ran every test they could think of. Turns out the insurance over the last 2 years would have been about the same price in the long run, plus we'd have to have all the proper...
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    Cat Help - Sick kitty :(

    This happened to my Cat. Exact same thing. We took him too the Vet and they ran every test. Eventually they put him on antibiotics and after a day or two he was fine. My suggestion is start with the pills 'cause they're cheap. Not that I'm a cheap bastard (we'll ok I am) but I think Vets...
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    Ford Fusion = a supprise facial and a smile?

    So they're driving down the building, he stops to give her the money shot and she gets it in the face. But if they're facing down, wouldn't that mean the stuff would hit the windshield rather than the chick if he slowed down? Think about it.
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    K-OS - New Album, Atlantis

    album: love it. pure pop.
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    The Youtube thread

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLa6dzVN_AU indian breakdancing midget awsome.
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    To MBA or not to MBA?

    meh.. Mediocre, but arrogant. Every time I meet someone with an MBA, it's the first thing out of their mouth.. "When I took my MBA...", "When I finished my MBA...". WTF, you have the same job as me..
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    2006-2007 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Leafs payroll at $42 Mil excluding Wellwood, Bell, Harrison & Westrum. Assuming these are 2-way contracts, still not that much room left for a winger. Whats the cap, $44? What about Stajan? I figure he'll sign for a least $1Mil if Colo got 900K
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    some chick jumped in front of my subway this morning

    So do these people pay their $2.25 and THEN go and jump in front of a Subway? Do they count out exact change with the idea that this is the last money they'll ever spend? Or do they just jump the stall too? (sorry)
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    Ricky the pot head Williams to be an Argo?

    RE: Argo Ticets Anyone know if they are going to open up the 500 level this year? I can't find any ticket info.
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    New Pearl Jam Album

    good album, better than riot act.... might be up there with Yield. Army Reserve and Inside Job are particuarly good. Whole back half of the album infact. The artwork on the other hand... WTF? Did they put this togethter watching Saw?
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    Explosion @ Yonge and Bloor Timmy's kills 1 person

    lol. i think the cops just wanted to blow some stuff up...