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    JIMturns - Toast (New dNb Mix)

    This mix includes a huge variety of dnb with influence from trance, rock, reggae, dancehall, cool-step, ragga and jump-up sounds. Huge respect to my friends for all of their support: 45 Thieves (Conquest – Bangkok, Thailand), Rhythmicon, Ill-Esha Mz Revolution (MissionSound.ca)...
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    NEW MIX: Tedder - sugar cane

    No way - This is a great mix. : ) I've been rocking it at work for the last couple of weeks. I think maybe they are shy... -Jim
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    [NWJ] Deception - Lets Roll (Drum & Bass Mix)

    If you are questioning his political statement as non verbal form of communication that is intended to influence a decision to be made for or by a group (maybe to download this music). I don't really know what to say. Maybe this kind of post should be in the 'Politics' forum. :confused: But...
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    Tester - DCS905 Toronto Radio Mix

    I've been listening to this mix for a couple of weeks now. Would like to see them come play in BC but they don't seem to come out here often. This guy is making some nice stuff IMO. If you like the remixed Ragga-Jungle sounds then check out this guy Tester. One of my fav producers now...
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    [NWJ] Azrael - Blunted Up North (Drum & Bass Mix)

    Hey! Vancouver dnb DJ Azrael | DOWNLOAD <128k> | [Right Click \ Save As] -James T Turntable / NorthWestJungle.com technics1200
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    [NWJ] Deception - Lets Roll (Drum & Bass Mix)

    I bet you he's trying to make a political statement! I don't know any dj's looking for attention in these parts... Don't you think that it would be a bit ironic for a guy named Deception to use some kind of ploy? Although track 3 is my favorite!
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    [NWJ] Deception - Lets Roll (Drum & Bass Mix)

    No I don't but this guy, Deception, does. I bet he would like to know what do you think about that. Is it too soon?
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    Who lives here?

    I'm here but I really live in downtown Victoria. Vancouver is damn close though : ) -James T Turntable / NorthWestJungle.com technics1200
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    [NWJ] Deception - Lets Roll (Drum & Bass Mix)

    Hey! Vancouver Island dnb DJ Deception | DOWNLOAD <128k> | [Right Click \ Save As] Thanks, -James T Turntable / NorthWestJungle.com technics1200
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    Halifax record shops

    That's not fair! There are pleanty of online shops too hahaha... Ooh I miss home. :)
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    Pot/Marijuana Appreciation

    I used to smoke 2 or 3 a day for the last decade. Quit after new years. So far so good - Although sometimes I could really use a joint... -Jim
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    Fuck! Dubya is so mindless:

    LOL - He talked exactly what I wanted to hear... That was awesome, thanks : ) Seriously though - Dumb as he might possibly be. He's still doing whatever the hell he wants. Let's keep bitching about his day trips.
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    c64 - DCS905 Radio Mix - Jungle / Breakcore - 2005

    Downloading it now here @ work - Thanks for the choons : )
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    Ragga Track Thread

    Pauly Walnuts - Chop Dem Dead : ) -Jim
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    Turntable - Not For Resale (Drum & Bass)

    Holy Crap - You guys really like this stuff! I'm moving this weekend so I wanted to check the stats before I dismantled my tower. Wow, It's coming up on a thousand downloads and I'm seriously encouraged to go buy more records right this minute. Damn I hate moving : P Thanks for the...
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    Azrael - Blunted Up North (Drum & Bass)

    !!!! Azrael's new mix tape! John's got what you need right here take a look at the track list. [Right Click \ Save As] Download | BUN 128k Download | BUN 64k Thanks, James Turner Turntable | NorthWestJungle.com
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    Turntable - Not For Resale (Drum & Bass)

    Now is that really safe?
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    Turntable - Not For Resale (Drum & Bass)

    Thanks man, I hope that you guys like it : )
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    ya so..

    HAHA I love it!
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    Chavez: Venezuela Moves Reserves to Europe

    lol That's not a very surprising move for him. Wasn't it Chaves who convinced Saddam to trade in the Euro to help him shake the final constraints of those nasty sanctions? I like his polotics :) I watched a few interview sessions with him on www.democracynow.org and it was pretty...