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    Remote Collar Dog Training Program

    I know this type of training can be controversial - some people call it torture. I definitely believe in it, if done properly. A regular collar can also cause harm to a dog if used improperly. We have a hunting dog, a German Shorthaired Pointer, who is just over 1 years old. We have had...
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    Does anyone have a favourite place to get quality firewood at a good price? I'm seeing lots of companies online, but wondering if anyone can recommend a particularly great company they use, or if they know of some random person in the country they have encountered who sells quality firewood. I...
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    LF: female roommate for Aug 1

    PM me if you know anyone who's looking. It's a sweet pad. Female Roommate Wanted for Awesome Apartment - Aug 1
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    Hormone imbalance

    Hey ladies. I'm not really seeing the topic of hormone imbalances covered anywhere on here, strangely. I've posted my blog here from time to time around the board, but I really want to share this latest post with you because I think hormone imbalance and estrogen dominance are widely...
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    Where do you people live?

    Have people moved out of the city in droves to buy houses elsewhere and commute downtown? I was checking out Pickering (shudder) on MLS just now, and I can't believe how much more affordable a brand new nice house is there! With a nice big yard too! I can either live way up at Jane and...
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    Mega Quarry

    I haven't seen a thread on here yet. Does everyone know about the proposed mega quarry that is to be constructed in Melancthon Township, 120 km north of here? I don't have time right now to really write, so I'm just going to copy out what I wrote to my family: I just came from this land 2...
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    Tattoo cover-up for job interviews or work

    I am in the midst of job interviews and I'm hoping to land something soon. During my 4 years at my current job, I've gotten a tattoo on my left bicep and one on the inside of my right wrist. My employer (law firm) is okay with it. But moving on and up, I'm not sure other firms will approve. For...
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    BlackBerry Torch 9800

    I'm selling my Blackberry Torch, in excellent condition, purchased in late November. Comes with box, charger, and headphones. The phone is with Telus. $400.00 - can meet you within reasonable area in Toronto. Please send me a PM if you're interested. thanks for looking!
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    Yasmin up for grabs

    Hey Girls - I have 3 packs of Yasmin 28 if you need them. Free. Must be picked up, either near King/Dufferin or Queen/Yonge. Just let me know :) PS - sorry alexd if this thread is breaking any laws, or should be in the buy/sell forum
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    What do you do with old cell phones?

    the obvious answer is "sell them." i know. but to who, where? do you have to do anything special to them so the person can use them? are they only good to use with the provider you bought it from? i have a couple of phones to get rid of, and now i'm thinking of replacing the one i bought...
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    Anyone use Rogers Video Direct?

    Rogers Video Direct looking at this because we have no video stores super close by. just learned that the blockbuster at jameson and queen is even closing at the end of the month. we were going to get a membership there last night but just ended up buying a movie when we found out. do...
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    System Fitness membership

    9 mos System Fitness membership for sale - I'm moving from the area. $350 for 9 mos = $38.89 per month, great deal. This membership will work at the High Park or Beaches location. You'll have to meet me at the gym so I can sign it over to you. Email me if interested: bratcatt at...
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    apartment and neighbourhood essentials

    i'm really struggling, so i thought i'd poll tribe. we're trying to find an apartment for august 1, but we're quite picky in terms of certain things we want the apartment to have. running out of time, and we're out of town fri-mon. i'm starting to get freaked. we saw an amazing place...
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    Name that smell!

    Question: Does it stink like barbecued bison manure around Keele and Bloor? Or am I just imagining things every time I pass through that intersection? Discuss.
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    I'm interested in learning more about meditation, and possibly attending somewhere to learn and get into it. i need and want some peace, and some brain focus! are any of you doing this? where do you go? where's a good place to start learning more - like perhaps a good book to read? please...
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    Sal De Ban! Happy Birthday!!!

    SDB, you need your own thread, dammit! To the coolest, sweetest, funniest and smokin hottest guy I know, may all your most hilarious and sexy birthday wishes come true (just not at the same time!)!! :D
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    something fishy

    I've always really, really hated fish and seafood my whole life, and I've tried here and there over the last couple years to try stuff, but stilll can't really get past it. I want to though. And now I really need to find ways to get more protein in my diet, and fish would be a really healthy...
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    what's the deal with kosher salt?

    and why should i use it instead of sea salt, like i always use? why does my recipe for potato salad call for 3 TEASPOONS (holy crap!) of it? i get that it's less salty or something, but still, that seems like a lot. anyway, my main question, i guess, is: is there something extra awesome about...
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    Sketchy cheque arrived in the mail

    Today I received a cheque in the sum of $86.59, payable to me, with my address, from Household Trust Company, on an HSBC cheque. I have no idea what this is for, I am not expecting any cheques. wtf is this? :confused: When you google "Household Trust Company," HSBC comes up. Tres bizarre...
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    LF weights

    have you outgrown your 7 or 8 lb hand weights? i prefer this type: thanks!