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    So how was BBB

    An orgasmic essence of house concentrated into an avalanche of juicy beats that make you jump up and down, dance and shout like insane for an hour and a half. It's good he doesn't play any longer. That would be unhealthy.
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    Evil P @ System

    I kind of discovered Evil P after his set after DJ Dan, then I saw him at the Zone next evening, and since then I think he plays the best music here. I just came from System, I almost didn't sleep since Thursday night and I though I would only handle a couple of hours. I finally stayed till...
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    Carl Cox Live@Renaiisance

    I wonder if anyone's familiar with the live set Carl Cox Live@Renaiisance (Apr 99, BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, it could be found on Napster and such places). This is the best 2 hrs of music I've ever heard. I have it for more than a year and can't get enough of it. I wonder what kind of...
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    Myka @ Mad Bar

    Thursaday night I brought a friend of mine to Mad Bar. He knows *a lot* about electronic music, about history, DJs, producers, how the music is made etc. And he's a totally trance head. Trance and psytrance. He doesn't even want to hear the word "house". After a few minutes of listening to...
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    Scott Bond @ Guvernment

    Now this is trance! Scott Bond never disappoints. This is to me what real serious trance is. Not cheesy mindless stuff that Ferry Corstein played, sorry. I also talked and drank vodka with Scott Bond for some 20 minutes after his set. He's the most hilarious DJ I've ever seen. Just one...
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    Nathan Borrado/ECO.R1/Jelo @ Tonic

    I asked him the same question. He said it's hard to define styles exactly these days. He said it's just house with elements of tech-house. Although from my experience, many DJs just don't care to classify their music. The best people to ask are the record store owners.
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    Nathan Borrado/ECO.R1/Jelo @ Tonic

    Musically wise, one of the best nights I've ever had. I caught last 10 mins of Nathan and I thought nothing could be better. Then Craig and Jelo also totally blew me away. (Too bad that Tonic was empty). These guys should play *everywhere*. Unbelievable music. Why other DJs don't play this...
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    Tribute to George Harrison @ Guvernment

    Last Saturday at the Guvernment I asked Mark Oliver if he's going to play anything of George Harrison. (I knew we're both Beatles fans). He said that he actually wanted to, but couldn't access his CD collection (or smth like this). I said "I can bring CDs from home... What do you want?" -...
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    Hey PeT, I'm glad we're both such huge fans of Jez! noodles
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    Marco Carola @ Life

    She's a friend of one of the promoters. She's cool. Actually, I've just talked to her tonight at another club. Her name is... well you better ask her yourself next time. ;-)
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    Seb Fontaine @ FTWK

    Are you're talking about Matt C's girfriend?
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    Seb Fontaine @ FTWK

    Thanks, I couldn't say it better. And I'm a *huge* fan of Seb Fontaine. He played at the Guvernment about a year ago and it was one of the best nights I've ever had. I also have his live sets from Homelands, Creamfields and Passion - it's pure bliss. But then he played *real* mind-blowing...
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    Jez Ansell @ Life

    Depends on your taste. If you *left* Guvernment because of Jez Ansell, then you probably also don't like Dave Clarke and DeKoze because they were playing in other rooms. I'm a huge fan of Dave Clarke. Still, I spent some half hour on the Warehouse scene when he was playing and went back to the...
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    Jez Ansell @ Life

    No you don't, sorry dude.
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    Jez Ansell @ Life

    Yes, the main room after Myka, around 3am. Jez Ansell is relatively new in Toronto but I'm sure he's gonna be one of the biggest names soon. He already was rocking the Guvernment after 4 hours of Timo Maas' boredom during the Summer End. Oh and Myka is one of the best too of course!
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    Eric Davenport at Comfort Zone

    Yep, it's me. Kisses. ;-)
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    Jez Ansell @ Life

    Amazing. I went there because I heard Jez Ansell at the Summer End at Guvernment and was completely blown away. I've read impressions about Summer End and I'm surprised that noone mentioned Jez. He was playing after Timo Maas in the main room. And Timo Maas was so booooooring. To me Jez is...
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    Eric Davenport at Comfort Zone

    PS It was great to see PinkAngel and Finch as usually!
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    Eric Davenport at Comfort Zone

    Comfort Zone is not for everyone. If you don't like it - don't go there. Most of people there are happy, friendly and open more than in any other place. And for what it's worth, bathrooms at the Guvernment are usually worse.