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    FS: Odyssey DJ Coffin for 2 turntables, 10in mixer and laptop stand

    It's in an almost brand new condition. It's got wheels to help move it around. $200
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    Numark CDX cd/mp3 Turntable

    Selling a pair of Numark CDX. Both units are in great condition. Spin your cd's or mp3 cd's like a regular vinyl turntable. $400 for both or $225 each.
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    LF: Vestax PMC-06 mixer

    Looking for a mixstick for skratching. Looking specifically for this as I don't have the space for a regular 10 inch mixer.
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    Hiphop/Neosoul/Rnb Vinyl Records Lot

    Selling this as a group so I can get rid of 'em quickly as I need to make space in my place. $50 for all : Album: Lyricist Lounge 2 Singles: Chef Raekwon - Live Form New York/Power Goapele - Love Me Right Groove Theory - 4 Shure Levert - Just Coolin' Robin Thicke - Wanna Love You Girl feat...
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    LF: DJ Headphones

    lemme know what you got and how much. I'll even buy a broken one depending on what the problem is. I just need one cup anyway.
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    Wu-Tang vinyls

    Selling some wu-tang and wu-affiliated vinyl singles. $40 for the lot: Wu-Tang Clan - Pinky Ring b/w Y'All Been Warned Wu-Tang Clan - Back In The Game Gravediggaz - Dangerous Mindz Masta Killa - Digi Warfare b/w No Said Date Chef Raekwon - The Hood b/w Clientele Kidd Mathematics feat...
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    Air Jordan 2012 Year Of The Dragon Edition

    Size 10. These are a limited edition pair and are in great condition. Selling them on kijiji for $150 but $120 for fellow tribers.
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    RANE TTM-56 mixer

    Got a rane ttm-56 skratch mixer. Everything on it is in impeccable condition. Selling for $550.
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    Numark tt200 turntable

    Selling my backup turntable that's in geat condition. I've only used this one for playing music in my living room (never for skratching eventhough I'm a skratcher). Yours for 120.
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    LF: House Painter

    So i'm looking for someone that can do a professional job to paint some parts inside my townhouse. You need to have a tall ladder as well to paint a 20 foot opening of my hallway. Send me a pm or shoot me an email at junramos516 at hotmail Jun
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    Repurposed Carpenter's Chest

    Selling a great looking Carpenter's Chest. It was sanded and stained in a dark colour. Use it to store anything. Have to sell it as we need to make a clearing in front of the stairs so we can bring down a stroller. $40.
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    Some vinyls (Brazilian House and Moonstarr vinyl)

    Brazilian Beat 2 Brazilian Beats 5 Moonstarr - Dupont Ivana Santilli - Breate Inn feat. Moonstarr They're all in NM condition. 50 bucks for the lot OBO.
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    LF: D'Angelo's Brown Sugar album on vinyl

    As the title states. Big fan of the dude but i was never able to get a hold of a copy on vinyl. Name me your price.
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    LF: Broken Numark TT200

    Now that I got my VCI-300 working I got another thing to ask. I have a Numark TT200 turntable whose motor went kaput (It literally won't turn anymore). I know how to replace and install this I just need the replacement motor for it. If anyone's got a broken Numark TT200 on here you're willing to...
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    Battle-style DJ Coffin

    Selling a clydesdale dj coffin in battle-style. Fits 2 turntables and a 10 inch mixer. It's in great condition. 160 OBO
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    LF: VCI-300 Repair person?

    So here's the story. I was an unfortunate victim of a scammer who sold me a broken Vestax vci-300 unit for $320 off Kijiji two saturdays ago. I met the dude up at Yorkdale to pick up the unit and the guy that sold it to me said it's in great condition. I didn't know crap about the unit so i took...
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    FS: Toshiba 16 inch i5 laptop - $700

    Selling my Toshiba 16 inch laptop. I've had it for a year and it's in great condition. I've upgraded the ram to 6 gig and the hard drive to 128 gig ssd so it boots up quickly. Original specs are here: Toshiba Satellite A660 Laptop Notebook - Toshiba Sat. A660-056 - 16" Laptops - Laptops...
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    LF: Light Car Topper Boat

    Looking for a nice and light boat that I can transport on top of my car roof rack. Preferably a 12 footer.
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    LF: A cottage up north to rent this summer

    Hello all. This is the first time me and my fam are renting out a cottage. I've no clue what's a good spot to go to. If you any of you guys have a place to recomment that'd be grrreat.
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    Behringer FCA202 Firewire Audio Interface - $50

    Selling a Behringer FCA202 in mint condition. Firewire cable, power adapter and driver CD included. This is perfect for running your DAW with your midi controller or to run it with your dj midi setup as the latency is super low. I run it on a 6 year old laptop with a 1.8 Pentium duo processor...