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    My Wish Came True: Derrick Carter!!!

    not me, but i love this store too. :) thanks for all the great tips! i have a feeling i'm going to go home broken. maybe i'll see some of you folks at WMC too?
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    My Wish Came True: Derrick Carter!!!

    i love all kinds of music (although my fav is house). i also didn't realize that it was Grey Cup weekend. gonna be a gonger for sure! what kind of music is Fritz Helder? any clubs that play house? (other than footwork) actually, any suggestions would be great. we are coming from Calgary and...
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    My Wish Came True: Derrick Carter!!!

    ooh! that is great! i plan to be visting TO that weekend. how do you get tickets to this show? any other recommendations for this weekend? will be in town from Thurs-Sat. thanks!
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    montreal this weekend...

    hey folks, anything fun going on this weekend in la belle ville? i will be in montreal this weekend. last year i had such a blast at Stereo and I Love Neon, thanks to suggestions from you kind peeps! i heard Fred Everything was playing this weekend. does anyone have any info? thanks, mf
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    Shootings In Montreal!!

    when i heard this yesterday, my first thought was "not again?" i visited Montreal earlier this year and fell in love with this beautiful city. my thoughts & prayers go to the families of the victims. a few months ago, a 12 year old girl and her 20+ yr old boyfriend murdered her family (mom...
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    ever have trouble getting into a club?

    thanks for posting this. there's definitely certain clubs that my friends and i avoid, for this very reason.
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    din daa da - george krantz remix

    this is it! THANK-YOU!! :D i heard it again this weekend! Phil Weeks was off da hook i tellz ya!
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    din daa da - george krantz remix

    hey everyone, i've been hearing this hot track all over - anybody know who does the HOUSE remix of this? i just have to find a copy of it!! thanks! mf
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    Claude Vonstroke - Beware of the Bird

    check out this online mix: http://www.dirtybirdrecords.com/audio/mixes/getyourhandsup.mp groovylicious!
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    JT Donaldson & Lance Desardi

    JT & Lance were just here (along with Andy Caldwell & Marques Wyatt) last week for the OM 10 party in Calgary. JT & Lance played on the rooftop patio - we danced under the stars all night! Lance really stole the show with his dirty electro set! i HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend the San Fran...
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    More on the moron who pissed on the war memorial

    chloe, how would you feel if someone urinated on a gravestone of someone in your family? this is how the war vets feel. mf
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    Your number 1 *all-time greatest*track

    it's not my favorite song, but it's the essential house track: i'll house you - jungle bros. house music all night long!! :cool: :p :D but my fav will always be "gonna make it" by kaskade.
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    The Streets & Lady Sovereign - Anyone Go?

    awesome show! leo the lion has a voice that melts buddah....
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    clubs - montreal

    tenaglia & kitsune? these sound like great shows! does anybody know if i need to buy tickets ahead of time for these?
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    clubs - montreal

    hello! can anybody recommend a good club to go to on Thurs & Friday night? i'll be visiting this week and want to check out the local scene. thanks! :) mf
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    Joey Youngman & Bryan Jones - Another New House Mix - Download Here

    hot stuff! mr. youngman is going to grace my hometown next week! can't wait!
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    Bryan Jones - New House Mix

    http://www.thefreshpage.com/dj-heather-izdiz.html what a hot lineup! i had a few friends that went - they said it was a wicked show.
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    to all the newest triber additions....

    thanks for the advice Flash! we'll get this out of the way right quick: That club what stays open when the other clubs close (it's pretty hardcore) - That club what used to have an escalator in it and blows equally as hard as, or harder than, before. i have no idea what this is about!! -...
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    Ontario Smoking Ban

    at least your bylaw makes sense! in Calgary, you can't smoke on patios, you have go INSIDE the pub to have a smoke! :confused: :rolleyes: :mad:
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    to all the newest triber additions....

    hello everyone! newbie here - from Calgary! mostly hang out in the House forums. yes, we have a house scene out here. this was recommended to me from a fellow houser from TO who moved here. later!! MF :p ps. i'm not a storm trooper, but a bounty hunter in training. ;)