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    Grooverider gets 4 years in jail!

    Dubai jails Grooverider on drugs charge Tue Feb 19, 2008 3:07pm GMT By Lin Noueihed DUBAI (Reuters) - A Dubai court sentenced DJ Raymond Bingham, better known as Grooverider, to four years in jail on Tuesday, three months after he was caught in possession of marijuana. The 40-year-old...
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    Attn: Ev...

    empty your box bud. clean that shit!
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    Happy Birthday OS/2 !!! (numba 3 dash 3)

    Happy Birthday Ryan.....didnt get a chance to make a post till now..... See you tonight! Jesse
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    I heard...

    That FIERCE is coming to madbar!
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    MC Flipside Goes His Own Way June 15, 2004 Source: http://www.djfreakyflow.com/home/newsArticle.php?newsID=41 After a long journey with MC Flipside, spanning through hundreds of cities and 10 countries, Freaky Flow will be continuing the journey on his own after August 13, 2004, kicking off...
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    whats the number for Amatos?

    Delivery dispatch,.,,,
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    Happy Birthday Squirrely!!!

    Happy Birthday, Happy Raver Robin !!!! ps - I hope you get laid tonight so we can all read about it in your birthday sexxx thread!!!
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    Forbidden MSN words...

    A abuse / account / addme / admin / alladvantage / all_advantage / americaonline / america_online / analsex / anal_sex / animalsex / animal_sex / anonymous / anuslick / anus_lick / ass_hole / asshole / ass_lick / asslick / associate / ass_wipe / asswipe B banner / beastiality / big_cock /...
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    Defrosting frozen shrimp - plz help now

    ok - we have like lots of giant deeeeliolus shrimp and it is precooked and ready to go. but like it si frozen and so it has to be defrosted before we can enjoy r shrimp cocktails. so - does anyone know if we can jsut defrost it in the microwave or will that fuck it up. sorry to post on...
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    South Park: There really is a Casabonita!!!

    If anyone saw on of the newest southparks 706 i think: Casabonita - where Cartmen ahs to make Butturs disapear so that he can go to Casabinita which he describes as a mexican restaurant with its own themed disneyland!!! The place actually exists! - Check it out...
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    Enter the Matrix for X-BOX - HELP!!!

    Im stuck on one of the levels where it asks u to blow up or disable the three gear things! I have idea wtf it is talking about... If anyone has played the game and has beaten this level plz tell me what to do! or if u know of any free online stadegy guides that would be cool to...
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    Online orgasmic simulator

    Ever wonder what it is like to have an orgasm on the other side (the other sex)??? http://viral.lycos.co.uk/attachments/1949/simulator.htm
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    Help save PROPHECY radio! plz read...

    PROPHECY SERIOUS STUFF PLEASE READ! Prophecy has been running for over 8 years on 89.5 CIUT and this sunday is our annual fundraising event. I’ve just been notified by the upper management of CIUT that our program requires 10 minimum pledges of $25 in order to continue running as a program...
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    BRT for D-Monic...

    Call me plz....
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    Anti SPAM filters - advice...

    Does anyojne use or can you recomend some good snti-spam programs/filters/services. I get a couple 100 emails a day and 8-% of it is spam..... I have been told to try MAILWASHWER and SPAMAREST. Anyone know anything I should look out for or can recomened a better alternative. Any and all...
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    Grand Theft X-Box Dou!!!

    Who else is excited for the double packege coming out shortly on x-box: GTA3 and Vice City!!! For years PS2 held an edge on X-Box solely for these games alone but now that is all about to change!!! originalVICE ----> Cant wait till ne-X-t week
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    Petition to add more pics next to pj's sister up there!

    Anyone else think that now that pee j's sister is up there we should have some more tribe icons??? Possible Ideas - The Stephen's family tree! - think of it, Pj, his sister, mom, dad, and all the other family members he has the secretly read the fisting thread which pj uses to send to...
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    does anyone have southpark episode 208

    I cant find it...if u have it can u msg me so i can grab it from u plz. It is the newest one. i'll even suck your dick... oV
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    BRT for Rejenerate, Kalemic, and whoever else has been trying to PM me...

    I just cleared some crap out - feel free to send again. ps - sorry guys....i suck!
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    How long should one boil corn for?

    Corn droped in pot now. plz give acuarte responce before it should be removed. thanx you, management.