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    what happened to PVD?

    PVD I've never caught to many of his sets but i thought he was amazing at the loveparade this summer, the crowd was sure loving it. Andrew.
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    Venom puts on a great show, I thought Lenny Dee was pretty good and i've never had the chance to see Omar Santana. Andrew.
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    Eminem. Laughing all the way to the bank.

    I think he is a very smart businessman. Before this cd comes out, he has already managed to get himself all over the news with comments about the controversial lyrics and video, which is probably exactly what he wanted. Now everyone knows he has a new cd coming out, and he'll probably sell...
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    Love Parade 2002

    As far as i know the parade is on the second saturday in july every year. This year it's the 13th. www.loveparade.de Andrew.
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    Love Parade 2002

    I have a place to stay 2 blocks from where the parade passes by, but i've been told that it will take me like an hour to make those 2 blocks. I kinda figured it would be a one time thing so i figure i'd better do it while i'm young and can handle it Andrew.
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    Love Parade 2002

    Anyone else planning on checking it out this year? I'm going to be going for the first time. Anyone been before? Any advice? Thanks, Andrew.
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    Best 80's Song

    80's It has to be Electric Avenue - Eddie Grant. Andrew.
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    What's your major?

    Right now my major is computer mathematics, i'm just finishing my first year. But I think I want to change, either to computer science or some sort of engineering. I'm just trying to avoid losing credits by transferring. Oh well, i'll figure it out over the summer. Andrew.
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    DJ Jazzy Jeff 3 times this week!!!!

    He will be in Ottawa at Surface at the end of April. Is this like a cross Canada thing or just around Ontario? Andrew.
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    Ottawa March 13-15th? Anything?

    I can't wait to spend the summer in Toronto. Andrew.
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    Ottawa March 13-15th? Anything?

    ^^ come on, it's not that bad my advice is check out Surface on thursday or friday, thurs for hip-hop and friday for drum & bass. i would say you were at the well on an off night, i've had many great nights there, generally on a thursday. the whole 56/Collection/Mercury lounge complex...
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    who do you want to see?

    I thought Dj Zinc was at turbo in the summer with sandra collins? Although i would like to see him again. Andrew.
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    This is going to be a crazy week. Somehow my reading week coincided with a sweet week to party. It's been pretty dry out in ottawa as of late. I know somebody brought simply jeff to toronto in the summer and the place was empty. Toroto has to support, this is not to be missed. i can't wait...
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    d&B, jungle for under 19s

    I thought body-roc was only all-ages in the summer and was 19+ throughout the rest of the year. I could be wrong though. Andrew.
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    How was Jr-Flo at Ottawa's Thriller Rave?

    Although i didn't attend Thriller i've heard from a few people that he Rocked it. Andrew.
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    Big League Chu and Brama Breaker@the WELL

    I go to Carleton, yourself?
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    Big League Chu and Brama Breaker@the WELL

    Ever since i moved to Ottawa, i've been feeling somewhat homesick. But seeing Big League Chu at the well just made me think about limelight all summer. Although I to think the well is a small venue, it just feels so intimate, I had a great time. Andrew.
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    A Groove Oddessey - New Years Eve

    From what i heard, chu spun some badass breaks. no need to get mad for putting him on in the jungle room.