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  1. K

    Upcoming Spinal Surgery

    If anyone has any information about one Dr.L.MacDonald at St.Mike's, please send along any info, whether it is positive or negative. Been back in Barrie for over a year, so I'm out of touch with anyone in TO that consider(+s/+d) me a pal. I don't expect much of a, if any, reply about this...
  2. K

    Bacon Salt info! I had to ask...

    to: passthebacon@baconsalt.com date: Oct 23, 2007 1:17 PM subject: Question about the contents [allergy concern] mailed-by: gmail.com Hi guys! Love the idea that you've come up with here! I love the smell of bacon and all things that go with it... sadly though, I have an...
  3. K

    FS: Nikon Coolpix 7600

    hey guys, i'm lookin' to pawn off my digital camera. i've tried craigslist with little luck as everyone's responding with "trade" offers... ugh. i want cash! it's a nikon brand, 7.1megapixel point-and-shoot camera and comes with: USB to PC cables VGA to a TV cables 2 sets of rechargeable...
  4. K

    does anyone have a dead relative still living with them?

    my grandmother just called to say hi, to see how i was and the regular familial nonsense but before i could get out the words, "it's good to hear fro--" she cut me off and asked me, and i quote, "so did you want your grandfather in silver or gold?". this caught me off guard and i had to ask...
  5. K

    Annie Nightengale

    http://www.newmixes.com/annie_nightingale-live_on_radio_1-cable-07-02-2007.html this set has had my attention for the past 2wks. <3 www.newmixes.com is an awesome source for recent sets FYI.
  6. K

    "i'll take, food joints open past 11pm and NOT grease holes for $800, Alex"

    so it's late. i just got screwed by dominos as the delivery guy couldn't find me place and didn't deliver the order at all... i got called by them 90mins after ordering and told it'd be another 45mins as they'd have to input the order again. ridiculous-- so i cancelled and they said i'd get a...
  7. K

    Need a used bike today

    USED Bicycles? Info requested--- after searching through the cyclists of tribeland thread and a couple searches, i've decided i just can't look up info right now. lil'help? i'm looking at buying a pre-owned bike today but aside from Craigslist.org, haven't been able to find any resource...
  8. K

    Queen West commuters, I need your visual acuity!

    on my way back from a grand ol'evenin' of park-drink at trinity-bellwoods, i was driving along Queen West, westward and somewhere near dovercourt [definitely the east side of Gladstone] on the south side there was a huge painted ad for lofts starting at $990/mo. if there wasn't a streetcar on...
  9. K

    .daa files

    i keep trying to download a couple movies, Accepted (2006) being the one i want the most but they're all in .daa file formats when i get them. i can't play them with my current codecs, but i'm looking to convert it to divx format so i can play it on my home theatre. ... any help?
  10. K

    a sloppy box? c'mon bArHo

    yea.... it's stinky. clean it out for help re:24 ringers
  11. K

    returning for Dec.2

    Mistress Barbara's birthday celebration just happens to run on the same day [ok, not technically as she won't be on the decks until at some random AM hour of Dec.3rd] as mine so it's time for another roadtrip! Stereo will be kickin' that night :D
  12. K

    Oct.19-23.... ??

    yea, go mini-vacation! hittin' good ol'MTL for a few days and wonderin' if anyone has some suggestions. my friend marc is taking me to Parking on Thursday night but he's going to away from town for a wedding starting the 21st so i'm a lil'lost on ideas until i talk to some of my friends...
  13. K

    escape from the north

    thursday june 2nd tell me what and tell me where. to be that is... i'm gettin' the hell outta barrie and enjoying my "weekend" in the city. my shift's saturday through wednesday so i have to work with what i've got. the breakier the better musically... venues/events...
  14. K

    LCD help

    does anyone know of a decent place to find drivers for LCD monitors? i'm looking specifically for the BenQ FP531... tried their website but over the past week i haven't been able to start a download. always seeming to get an internal error/item cannot be found page. i've googled, i've...
  15. K

    where art thou?

    oh torrents... we've been raped of you :( so the question is, who's got a torrent for episode 16.06 of the simpsons? i know someone out there's leached it already-- share the wealth!
  16. K

    power to the bony'n faded

    i know a few girls [few meaning literally 3] who aren't into the athletic and tanned adonis form in a guy but i'm wonderin' who else out there appreciates the lanky guys? tall, slender and almost delicate.... :rolleyes:
  17. K

    waste of time?

    http://www.trevorvanmeter.com/flyguy/ look at me, i'm flyin' :rolleyes: hint: curious george is in outerspace--
  18. K

    things you aren't "okay" with

    for starters, i'm not okay with the fact that i woke up to my window being frosted over. i'm especially not okay with the fact that after grumbling about the cold, i go downstairs to make a cup of tea only to see that the backyard is coated in a layer of white. right now it's sunny...
  19. K

    night of a thousand doorbells has begun...

    and ours is so fuckin' loud and annoying! make it stop :mad:--
  20. K

    IE likes to do things on its own

    somehow the font size in my IE windows has jumped from 10pt to what i'm guessing is 16pt. i opened a new window to hit up my gmail account and all the text changed in size... i went to imdb and it was the same. then i checked and tribe is the same way. does anybody know how to alter this...