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    Why you should never shave your ass hair.

    It's been a while since I have been on tribe, as like a lot of other people I have been on facebook instead. I'm getting sick of facebook though, so maybe I'll check out tribe some more once again. I read came across this story the other day on the internet and since I read it, I can't stop...
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    Debt Free!

    For the first time in 14 years, since I left high school, I'm officially debt free! Just got my tax return and paid off my remaining debts. Three years ago I was $60,000 in debt and now $0. Now people are paying me interest. I never thought it would possible to climb out of that hole, but I...
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    Body Break

    It's still on and these people don't age! What's the deal?
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    Vancouver Weather

    The weather sucks in this city and I have had it. Virtually no summer last year, and as the weeks of cold weather an rain go by, it looks like we are going to run out of time for this summer. I honestly can't take much more and will probably leave this place by next year if it continues...
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    Looking for a Dentist in Vancouver

    Anyone know of a decent dentist in Vancouver? One that won't charge me for a bunch of stuff I won't need becasue I'm insured? Finding a new dentist is like searching for an honest car mechanic these days.
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    Tigerdirect = Rip-off

    I ordered a video card form tigerdirect.ca. The card was a pretty good deal, but it took almost two weeks to get to me, from within Canada. Shipping also cost a liitle more than $40. Which is wierd because I can usually ship something overnight for less than that. It took way to long to get to...
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    DJ Mixing software for MAC

    I’m looking for a good, easy to use DJ mixing software for MAC that has the following basic functions: -Calculate BPM -Beat Matching -Auto Cross fade -Export mp3 mixes I don’t want to pay to much for it and getting it for free would be even better! I used to use Mix Miester Express...
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    Need Tickets for Canada Day Blueprint Boatcruise.

    Anyone know of any extras? My wife and I are dying to go but it's sold out. :(
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    Facebook Ruins People's Lives

    I’m not going into details why, but as soon as I heard about this facebook thing, I had a bad feeling about it. I did not even create an acount, yet it’s already ruining my life. Then I spoke to some old friends back home and it turns out that they already had boycotted it, because it was...
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    software for Making Cartoon Animations?

    Hi, I'm wondering if there is an easy to use/short learning curve animation software, that I can use to make simple cartoon animations representing changes in gelogic time? Thanks, KennyK
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    ipod man from space

    http://www.dvhardware.net/article14548.html You can check it out in Google Maps or just enter 50° 0'38.20"N 110° 6'48.32"W in Google Earth.
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    Golf Magazine Votes Kenny G as top Musician Golfer

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    Image Resolution VS Image Size

    I'm trying to print a flyer with jpegs. When I resize the image to a smaller scale, the image quality falls apart, regardless of how high the resolution is. How do you determine the ideal resolution of an image for its dimensions?
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    Fearless With Jet Lee

    I could not find a thread about it. Anyone see it? How was it? I might go see it tonight.
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    Looking at other girls when you are with your girlfriend

    So my relationship is at the verge of extinction because I lost it over the accusation of looking at other girls when I’m with my girlfriend. I don’t deny that I’m looking at other girls when I’m with her, but I also don’t know that I’m doing it. Other girlfriends accused me of the same thing...
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    Contemporary Prefabricated Houses

    These houses are really cool and I think they are a cheaper alternative to regular houses. All you need is a piece of land and you assemble your home on top. http://design.walkerart.org/prefab/ I like this one in particular: It's probably more feasible out here in BC, rather...
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    iPod nano skin

    The other day I bought an iPod nano, so today I go to Futureshop looking to buy one of those rubber skins for it. It’s 50 fucking dollars!!!!!! $50 for a piece of rubber that cost 5 cents to make. I guarantee you that the packaging for the thing cost more than the rubber skin. Assholes!
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    Farina Saturday Night!

    I'll be there with my girlfriend. Who else is going? Should be the dogs bullocks!
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    Pictures from Lebanon

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    Baseball is for losers

    About 90% of the people I know make fun of me for watching baseball. ...'It's sooooo boring, how could you watch that,' 'You're a loser, only losers like baseball.' The Jays are so exciting this season, I find my self yelling at the TV half the time. How many people do you know like...