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    Mixed Bag - 1 year

    This friday ! :) Who is in?
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    Happy Birthday Praktik!

    Yarr matey, hope it's a gooder. Party time tomorrow :D This birthday wish brought to you by crazy dancing cat:
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    Tony Humphries

    Thinking of heading down to this after starting @ mixed bag. Anyone else?
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    SQL Server registration question

    Here's a dumb question someone might be able to help me with. I recently changed domains at work and found all my registered servers were gone from enterprise manager after. If I want to re-register a server that is on another (i.e. my old) domain can I do so without knowing it's IP...
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    Professional geeks

    Just wondering who else in here has turned geekery from a hobby into an occupation. I've worked software design/development for 5+ years now, from chemical process simulation software to realtime electrical subsystem data monitoring. Mostly in the higher languages, C++/C# for the past few...
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    Happy birthday Preroller !

    Today is busy for birthdays. Have a good one my fellow Waterlooser and we'll see ya on saturday ;)
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    Coming into the Toronto House scene

    Hi everybody, So I'm moving out to Toronto at the end of April and need some guidance. I'm coming from Calgary, where there is a decent amount of house on thursdays, fridays and saturdays, but it's not very diverse. My favorite sounds are deeper, soulful, funky house. I've poked around...