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    Sunday Afternoons

    Hey gang, Anything going on this Sunday or any upcoming Sunday afternoon where you can listen to good house music and drink drinks :) Werd, MD
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    FS: Windows 7 Home Edition

    I bought the wrong Windows 7 upgrade (I req Ultimate) and I'm looking to sell the incorrect purchase I made for $130.00 which was what it was purchased for. I will admit that I opened the box before I knew the mistake was made. Hopefully if anyone is interested they will know me and know that...
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    FS: UFC 97 Tickets

    Two (2) premium tickets available for UFC 97 in Montreal - $1,150.00 per ticket or make me a viable offer (these are worth $550 each). These are hard tickets. Cash only deal! Send me a PM if interested. Location: Sec 102 - Row L - inside isle Use the link below to see what the view is...
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    Walsh Dies

    I am actually fighting back many tears right now. Bill Walsh was and will always be my coaching idol. He was one person amongst the greats of the NFL that i had not had the pleasure of meeting or shaking hands with but always wanted to. This man will always be remebered as one of best EVER at...
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    For Sale: TV & Stand

    27 inch RCA Home Theatre TV and TV stand for sale (combo sale). This TV is in excellent condition as well as the stand. The only reason for selling is a bigger TV has finally been aquired. The TV is self amplified so you can actually plug speakers right into the back and acheive some...
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    Freaky Friday w/ God Made Me Funky @ Opera House

    Have been in love with this local Toronto outfit since a good friend introduced me to them a couple of years ago. God Made Me Funky is one of Toronto's gems and if you haven't seem them live before they are every bit and even more exciting than their CD's. Speaking of that, rumor has it that...
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    Dance Classes

    Question for those on the board who have taken Dance Classes before.... Looking to take Hip Hop or Pop & Lock classes for a winter activity and wondering if anyone has had great teachers, great classes, etc, etc that they wouldn't mind recommending. You help is appreciated, Drury
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    Hassle(d) Hoff @ Heathrow

    LONDON (KP International) David Hasselhoff was reportedly denied access when trying to board a plane from London to Los Angeles due to his alleged inebriated state. Apparently the highly intoxicated Hasselhoff arrived at the British Airways fist class lounge in the Heathrow airport at around...
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    Blueprint (the DJ's)

    Can anyone assist me with getting in touch with either Mike or Jason Klaps or Alan Lo - any memeber of the Blueprint Crew? Much appreciated, Drury
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    Ted Nugent - "Wanted Ted or Alive"

    Saw this show last night - was kinda fun but HOLY FAWK Ted Nugent is a crazy person. Anyone else seen this! Please share your thoughts or form your own opinion by checking out http://www.tednugent.com/
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    Part time help required w/o Aug 7, 06

    Part time help required week of Aug 7th at Lakeshore business location in West Mississauga. Hours would be from 11am through 3pm for one week only. Would require a 1/2 day of paid training on morning of Friday Aug 4, 06. The job would require calling customers - billingual is a must (Eng &...
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    Tribe Bowler of the Month (Official Thread)

    Name: Michael Drury Average: 195 Best Game: 246 Yrs Bowling: 5 mths Bowls: Right Handed Nick Name: Baba Ganoush Team Name: Pin Pushers (2006 Winter League Champs - Classic Bowl, Mississauga) Ball Brand: Columbia Ball Name: Dr Jekyl Ball Weight: 15 lbs Home...
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    Top of the Senator - The Senator

    Can someone please advise the new name of the old TOP OF THE SENATOR restaurant located behind the Elgin Theatre? The guy at the Elgin couldn't remember the new name so I have at least tried to find out. Much appreciated, MD
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    New Member - Shell Shocker

    There is new member that I would like everyone to make feel welcome. One of my bestest friends has just joined this wacky world of TRIBE. Please welcome the one and only SHELL SHOCKER Cheers and welcome Shell Shocker, MD
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    Wax on, Wax Hoff

    Just found this little beauty and it's getting me through my hang over. http://www.waxhoff.com/ Werd, MD
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    "Who's Online Option" on TRIBE

    Question for the TRIBE massive, In the old TRIBE online version you could see who (on your buddy list) was online at any time. In this version I can't seem to figure it out ... can someone help? If you can't do this anymore period - Alex - Why is that? Werd, MD
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    Weed Lovers Inside Please

    Not sure if they are selling the Goverment issued stuff but it MUST be good with advertising like this! Who said Mississauga didn't have anything good ;)
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    iPod question

    OK - so I'm about to take a big step into the digital world and buy an iPod. Question is: Can I record from Dj rig into my iPod? If not - why? Is this technology coming? If so do you think it will be an add on or a completely seperate unit? Your help is vey much appreciated...
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    God Made Me Funky

    BOOYA! Love these guys - they are playin high a top Gypsy Co-op inside the Hooch on sat night the 21st. Anyone else going?
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    Go Go Dancers (need some)

    Hoping to find some help: I need to hire some Go Go Dancers for a charity event in February. Anyone know of any agencies or bookers? Hit me with a PM if you dont care to post that info in a thread. Much appreciated, Michael