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    Suggest a Laptop Brand

    Thanks guys! I went to look around and I really like the MacBook but it's actually a bit out of my price range for now. There's a good deal on an HP that I think i'm gonna go with!
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    Suggest a Laptop Brand

    I'm in the market for a new laptop....$899-$1000 I've had an Acer in the past but am really clueless as to the reliability and overall quality of the other makes....Torshiba/Sony/HP... What would be the best kind of laptop to look at?
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    NYE @ Footwork

    How was Terry Mullan?????
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    Telus Moto Q

    Im having trouble finding a way to download ringtunes and MP3's on my handheld. Telus site doesn't offer my device on their page for downloads and I haven't heard anything on Howards forum. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    Windows Quesiton

    I have a computer that was given to me to use at work, but the problem is that nobody knows what the windows login password is. I'm hoping that someone might know some trick to get around this and that I can access the computer without having to buy a new one.
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    In the beginning it may be, but from a long term cost analysis I would say it is a good investment if it works.
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    The new smoking cessation tool. I'm "looking into" this new medication to quit smoking, along with other lifestyle changes. I had a nasty experience with Zyban which scared the living hell out of me, so I am hesitant to say the least, but this is not an anti-depressant like Zyban. It blocks...
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    A Shot of Love with Tila Nyguen (Tequila)

    I'm so excited about this show! Hot guys fighting with each other over this girl...crazy lesbians doing the same, alot of sex and lots of craziness. Where has this show been all my life!:o
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    1 Bloor

    It's actually not bad on this side of Sherbourne. Further North it's not as pleasant I agree.
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    1 Bloor

    I'm not intrigued by the Bloor project whatsoever. If anyone is interested in the Modern down at Richmond/Sherbourne, my office is looking after presale: http://themoderncondos.ca/
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    Short term accomodation/rental needed

    I need to find a short term rental...from mid November until late december. my place is being renovated and then i am going to the states late december. Roughly Nov 15-Dec 20. I'm looking to pay around $800. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    Who Partied With Paris?

    Wasn't she at the GUV on Sat? I'm curious? Did she barf in a bathroom stall...did she lift her skirt? Details...
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    JOB POSTING: Real Estate Agent

    If anyone has recently completed their OREA courses and is looking to get into the market, or is already working and looking to expand their business, please send me a private message. Our office in the downtown core, King/Sherbourne, is expanding and would like to speak with you. Cheers...
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    **Terry Mullan**

    I'll take 2 pair!~:eek: Les
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    **Terry Mullan**

    Ever since you called me to tell me I've been happy!!! :D There is no othere DJ that excites me to this capacity. He's the only DJ that I would drop anything to go see. MEMORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very excited, wish it was tonight!!! TERRY FUCKIN MULLAN!!! technics1200 -Les-
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    First Date Ideas

    Thanks for the idea's. I like the idea of Alice Fazooli's and then second city or something followed by a walk along Harbourfront... I'm such a geek when it comes to making date plans. This is a date for two guys by the way...
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    First Date Ideas

    I have this date on Saturday evening that I'm looking forward to...but I don't know what we should do. I'm kind of stumped on this one....any ideas
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    LF: Phone Charger

    I have a Motorolla i850..not a new phone, but it's through Telus...or MIKE. I don't have a charger for it and need one. Does anybody have a charger for a phone like this or telus compatible. Cheers, Leslie
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    I'm Coming Out to My Dad Tonight!

    I remember when I did...it was surreal. I'm sure it will go well! Congratulations! Les
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    Happy Birthday ROBB G and KICK!!!!!!

    Got to this kinda late...HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS!!!! ~Leslie~