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    call me. i need beer tonite that invite for beer can be extended to others..... i just need beer
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    prefuse 73, beans and dabrye at lee's

    i was so hyped for this show. the opening act wasnt bad; definitely something different, but it didnt blow me away. he was pretty funny though prefuse started the set off proper. i was so impressed. it was my first time seeing them. BUT 5 minutes into it, my friend started having problems...
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    prefuse 73 @ lees palace

    i'll be heading to this. anyone else? shawn
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    attention PETE (divy)

    email me or send me a PM ASAP shawn
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    shes on my "to do" list.....
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    the state of ukg

    i'm far from an expert, but i know some people who have given up on ukg because it started getting too hard. it's the same thing with breaks. i'm a fan of the cheesy/housy stuff and i get the impression its not played very often. now, that's just the impression i'm left with. i'm not sure if...
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    the tumbleweed takes a vacation

    i wish i could have made it out to this. i was all ready to go and then i got a really upset stomach. i spent most of the night on my death bed. i hope it went well PETE (divy) send me a message. shawn
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    2003 DMC Finals

    i met him when i was living in japan and he said he wanted to visit canada so we exchanged contact info. i think it'll have to wait until spring because i just started my new job back here in canada and i have no cash at the moment. plus, i doubt he'd like to come in the winter; the japanese...
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    So when will the next jam be?

    butcha's really good. that should be good. it's just too far away for me..... how is van goghs lately? i used to go all the time a few years back.... ah... the good ol' days....
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    2003 DMC Finals

    kentaro is unbelievable. i've seen him play twice and own 2 mix tapes. he's sick. glad to see the canadians represent this year though. shawn ps. once i get settled financially, i'll be bringing kentaro over here.... my word on that.
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    the "i'm so cool" people vent

    yup :p but seriously.... how would you guys define that grouping to someone how hasnt heard of them?
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    So when will the next jam be?

    i'm finally moving to the big city.... so when can i check out some ukg? shawn
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    Speed Garage vs. UKG

    speed garage = you listen to it, but you never admit it to ANYONE ukg = you listen to it, and you admit it to some people
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    the "i'm so cool" people vent

    to the first post: one possibility is that the guy might truely be interested in underground hip hop and simply chose to list artist that he thought she would know. gangstarr and j5 arent mainstream, but not underground either. maybe he thought that he should give her examples of the sound...
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    back in the day

    dont worry kenny, we know that you wont 'really' grow up ;) shawn ps. i'm moving to TO in a few weeks, we should go out for a drink, or two,... or 15
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    ~*...toronto is a whole lotta alright...*~

    it's a clean, safe and peaceful city. we've got a lot of trees and parks, things to do and see. what more could we ask for ..... well, i guess we could ask for a stanley cup sometime this century...... shawn
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    For DJs with Jobs....

    not many people make it a career. if you've been at it a year, you're about a couple years late.... like about 10. the only people that seem to make a career of it are the people that have been around since the early 90s. everyone else seems to be shit outta luck. if you want to get booked...
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    Election Coverage / Information

    the only trouble with the elections in canada is that you vote for a person and party at the same time. for example, you may love the PC candidate from your area, but you might hate the PC party as a whole. i just vote for the party and ignore the local person. maybe that's dumb, but whatever. i...
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    A drinking question

    i'm going back to my old beer lately. i suggest everyone try it. it's really amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! brick - red baron dont be scared by the fact that brick usually makes shitty beer, this one is GREAT shawn
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    back in the day

    you're still too short to get on roller coasters shawn :p