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    LF: 1 bedroom condo Toronto downtown

    In case someone here is renting a property or has a friend or friend of a friend of a friend renting a condo and can send me a referral....... :) I am looking for a 1 bedroom condo for RENT in the Downtown core in a new/newer building. Also need 1 underground parking space. Some areas of...
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    Must Sell Fast - 2005 Pontiac Grand Am - Low KMs!!

    * 4 door white, 83,000km * V6 automatic transmission * Power windows, seats, locks, mirrors, trunk release * Keyless entry & trunk release * Cruise Control, Tilt steering wheel * AM/FM/CD * A/C * Fog lights, Rear defrost * New all-season tires * Non-smoker...
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    LF: cheap used cell phone

    Hi, I'm looking for a cheap cell phone. Unlocked/Rogers network capable, with slot for SIM card. Those are my only requirements; I don't care about fancy features, as long as phone/txt works. I'm looking to spend about 50$ + shipping. I found a few on ebay that i'm tracking (40$+shipping)...
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    comedy clubs in toronto

    Hi all, What's a nice spot in TO to catch some good stand-up comedy? Is there any that come tribe recommended? I'm looking to take a friend out for his birthday, he's into standup... but I don't wanna take him to a Yuk Yuks.
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    FS: 1999 Chrysler Cirrus LXi

    4 dr. automatic, green, v6, a/c, am/fm/cd (great factory sound), pw, pl, keyless, fog lights, power mirrors, cruise, tilt 2000$ Location: St. Catharines milosj @ cogeco.ca or PM me
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    city core golf course

    does that driving range still exist? the one on spadina right beside the gardiner
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    buffalo restaurants

    i'm heading to Buffalo next sunday with a group of friends. we're looking for a place to eat near HSBC arena. actually, anywhere downtown Buffalo would be great. nothing fancy and expensive, but no pub-food-only places either. we also have a vegatarian so maybe a nice chinese/thai place...
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    FS: 2 Tiestor tickets

    I've got 2 tickets for sale... paid ~120 for both after taxes/service charges. They are the ones from Ticketbreak. You can have them for 50$ each, or 60$/each with delivery. milos11 @ gmail.com or PM me located in St. Catharines
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    FS: computer monitors

    Hi I have 2 computer monitors for sale. 17" Flat NEC MultiSync FE750+ 17" ViewSonic E70 80$ for both OBO PM or email milos11 @ gmail . com
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    FS: Pioneer CDJ 100s (x2)

    2 Pioneer CDJ 100s Excellent condition 500$ (firm) for both PM or e-mail milos11 @ gmail.com
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    LF: 2 Imogen Heap tickets

    lemme know if you got a pair, or where i can still get some? thanks
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    LF: Mixer

    200-250$ range spam your offers to: milosj at cogeco.ca
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    bedrock merchandise

    does anyone know of any canadian retailers/record shops other than the bedrock online store that sells bedrock shirts etc. or any other music related clothing for that matter. (i'd like to buy a bedrock shirt but don't want to get killed on shipping+customs and end up paying 60$ for a 25$ shirt)...
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    how often is watcher ftp up? everytime i try i cant connect :confused: this is what i get in the message box with SmartFTP Connecting to (address) -> IP: XXXX PORT: 21 Connected to (address) -> Time = 50ms Socket connected waiting for login sequence. (it hangs on this for about 30sec)...