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    Sneaks BDay Beats this weekend..

    Who's all going?
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    "... the return to good Old House Music. Amen for that!"

    Last week DJ Sneak posted this: "I believe today it's the beginning of the END of an existing Era in Dance Music and the beginning of a NEW Era but really the return to good Old House Music. Amen for that!" All the signs are here that House is back and it's going to be stronger than before I...
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    YouTube Deleted Videos - Name of video before deleted?

    Just curious if you technology people know if there is a way to do this: Is there a way to find out the name of a video if you still have the URL of a deleted YouTube video?
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    Track ID - Lyrics "I feel so much better than I did yesterday"

    What is the house track that samples lyrics from this track? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sl6N24t58k The lyrics goes something along the lines of: "Since we , been together been trying to tell you how I feel I know, what I feel for you got to be real But so far I've not been able to...
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    2014.11.15 FUSION 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY - Remix Lounge Toronto

    Welcome to the Underground... After 3 hard years of Work & Hustle, We gather to celebrate the first anniversary party of Fusion Entertainment. This event touches down back to the Roots with a mixture of Old School Wax & A blend of Fresh Deep House Vibes. Our latest venue is going to take it...
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    THUMP - History of EDM in Canada Video

    It's called a digital dreams video but it's more about the scene and history here in Toronto. AlgkPEWgkVg
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    Warehouse location for a NYE party?

    My friends and I are trying to figure out our plans for New Years Eve. One idea we thought of was just throwing a party with our circle of friends and DJs we know. It would be awesome to just throw a warehouse style party and rent the equipment and lighting needed. Fellow Tribers, any...
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    Nov 16 - FRANKIE KNUCKLES - 4 Hour Set @ RYZE aka old Moskito

    Alongside local DJs: MARK FALCO & TRICKY MOREIRA Who else is going? I can't wait to hear him rock that system!
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    Harvest Festival 2013

    My fav party of the year and the lineup has been announced now. PERFORMERS GLOBAL: Funk D'Void (Scotland) Liquid Stranger (Arizona) Jeremy P Caulfield (Germany) Eat Static (UK) Osunlade (Greece) Bluetech (Hawaii) Solar (Mexico) Desert Dwellers (New Mexico) Arthur Oskan (live)...
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    Frankie Knuckles, jojoflores, Deko-ze @ 519 Church Street - Friday June 28

    I saw Frankie last year and it was awesome. Anyone else heading there tomorrow? One World | Green Space, Toronto Pride, June 27-30 2013
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    Late 90's House Track ID Help Needed

    Tribe House Heads.. help me ID this track I had on a mix tape. mwpLbQHFRVI I think it was on a DJ Myka mix. (Is he still DJing nowadays?)
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    Song ID Help

    What's the more modern house track of this old track? It's probably from the last 10 years or so. Taana Gardner "When You Touch me" (Larry Levan Mix) - YouTube It's on the tip of my tongue :p House Heads on Tribe, can you solve this?
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    TOP 5 all time classics - What are yours?

    Inspired by DJ Sneak's recent article: FEATURE | Right-Hand Records: DJ Sneak | The Groove Blog I thought I'd ping the Tribe househead nation to find out what you consider your top 5 or so all time classics. I'll post mine up when I figure them out...
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    Boxing Day Old School Jam at FW - 2011 Edition

    The Stickmen are headlining, plus surprise guest! Along with Peter 'The Greek' Ivals, MC Flipside, Robb G, Grimace, Hooker and John E... I look forward to this night moreso than NYE! Who's all gonna be there?!? And what tracks do you want to hear?
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    Cheap Drycleaners Downtown?

    When I was living out in Mississauga, I was spoiled to find a dry cleaners that had prices of $1.50 a shirt and $9.99 for 3 pants. Now I live downtown and want to get rid of my car. Are there any dry cleaners that come close to those prices that you can recommend? Thanks, Sean
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    Richie Hawtin Documentary

    I just watched this and thought it was great so I thought I'd share with ya'll.. Richie Hawtin | Documentary Heaven | Watch Free Documentaries Online
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    Do You ♥ HOUSE? Easter Edition at Revivial

    Anyone heard or heading to this? United Soul & Junior Palmer proudly present Do You ♥ House? An epic journey celebrating 25+yrs of House Music ♥ Easter Edition ♥ Thursday April 21st, 2011 Revival - 783 College St. West Toronto Canada featuring ALL STAR Line Up: ♥ Pablo...
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    Track ID - Bad Boy...

    There's an older funky track that I'm sure some people know about out here.. It's from the mid to late 90s. In the track, the lyrics has a background lyrics of a guy sayings a part that goes something like "Eeee ba-ba, ba-ba, eee ba-ba, ba-ba, eee ba-ba, ba-ba" And then another guy (or...
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    Track ID - Wanna Do?

    There's an older track that is very similar to this one: IeEcwRiu3Is But this one says it was released just last year. DJ Mes & Sonny Fodera - One Night In Oakland EP (Vinyl) at Discogs What is the old track I'm thinking of?
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    Track ID.. very similar to this one

    There's a track from about 10 years ago that it very similar to this one: YQfxFA8djhY But it's not this one: 92Y13h7fKSg I had a CD or Mix that had it but I can't remember which one. It does have the lyrics from the first video above. Ring a bell to anyone?