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    Hey diwc clean your stinky box!

    Massengil that mufuh!
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    FAO: Bass Invader

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    Crumpler: Beer for Bags!

    Crumpler bags, a great Australian bag manufacturer, is having a promotion called Beer For Bags. You check out which of the available bags you want, go buy the beer, take the beer to their store and they give you the bag plus an invite to a party where you then get to consume the beer that you...
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    FS: Toshiba 24" Flatscreen TV

    Works like new, supports component and s-video. Asking $150.00. email: bolie<NOSPAM>@rogers.com Email or PM. :)
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    Free Stuff!

    If anyone is interested, I have an old black cloth Ikea armchair that looks somthing like this: that I need to get rid of by this coming Friday. If no one wants it, I'm just going to toss it out. It's in really good condition, and pretty comfortable but I'm getting new furniture. Also, I...
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    Happy Birthday Mingster!!!

    To one of my favourite people ever! I hope you have a great day surrounded by people who can fuss over you and spoil you! :) You rule and I truly wish for nothing but happiness and success to come your way, on this day and any other. (This could also go in the things that get better...
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    Cari Lekebusch @ CoZo?

    I wouldn't usually start a thread about something I didn't attend but I really want to know how this one went down. Anyone?
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    Start fidgeting, fatty!

    Jan. 28, 2005. 06:14 AM Frequent fidgeting leads to fitter figure Study on why some are lean or obese Every little move makes a difference ELAINE CAREY MEDICAL REPORTER That guy tapping his pencil on the desk all day may be on to something. In fact, fidgeting, toe-tapping...
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    It's my BBBirthday, BBBitches!!!

    Hey all. I've never really been a self-promoting birthday whore, so I figured this would be a good year to try it out. This Sunday marks the anniversary of the 35th year since I was squeezed, wriggling and bloody, out of a vagina. While I don't have any recollection of it, I'm sure a...
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    Chelsea Room info needed!

    Ok, I know where it is, I know the phone number (called, they don't give the hours on their msg.), I've done a web search, they have no website, but I desperately need to know if they are open on Sundays as I'm looking for somewhere decent to chill for drinks on my birthday this Sunday...
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    Should I bother?

    Here's the scenario: I'm walking into class yesterday and a guy who sits behind me notices the "I <3 TEKNO" pin I have on my bag. He can't read it so asks what it says. When I tell him, he physically recoils and makes a "kitty-smelled-a-stinky" kinda face. Me: "Trust me dude, you have...
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    St. Lucia? Anyone been?

    The title says it all. I'm thinking of going to St. Lucia at the end of Feb. and was wondering if anyone out there has been and could give me a lowdown of where they stayed (region) and what their experiences were like. From what I've seen it looks like a beautiful place to vacation. Peas...
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    Merry Christmas/Holiday Of Choice Techno Room!

    I just wanted to pass along wishes that all of you celebrating festive holidays at this time have good times with your friends and loved ones. I don't care what any of these TRIBEholes think, peeps in the techno community kick serious ass. Smart, thoughful, friendly and ultra-seXXXy, the lot...
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    Alton Miller FREE Boxing Day!!

    DAMN! I haven't heard Alton Miller spin since an R&B jam @ Jet years ago. He's spinning @ Underbar (where is that?) on Boxing Day, free b4 midnight. I think I may have to corral some people into going. Nice low-key lounging to some sweet housey beats.
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    We Don't Suck x Seven

    GUESS WHAT? I HAD FUN AGAIN! Lock up your daughters! :) From the last half of Derek Parsons' sweet set which he ended up with Joy Division's "Transmission" (the first thing that made me hoot :D ) to the fabulous set by Arthur Oskan and Adam Winick (GREAT SET!!!), to Curt Martin's great...
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    PRIMER (movie alert)

    PRIMER I was just going to big it up in the movie thread, but a movie this indie needs to have some serious word of mouth to get people out to see it. IF YOU LIKE SUBTLE FILMS THAT CHALLENGE YOU TO THINK ABOUT THEM, IF YOU LIKE SCI-FI (less Star Wars and more 12 Monkeys steez sci-fi), IF...
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    Wow. That was fucking scary.

    I'm studying for an exam tomorrow, lounging in my plush bathrobe. I decide to make myself a cup of tea, turn on the kettle not really paying attention to what I'm doing and all of a sudden I smell smoke and look down to see the front of my body being covered in flames as my bathrobe is on fire...
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    Kenny Glasgow @ Suds

    Anyone hitting 99 tonight for Kenny Glasgow and slew of other great djs? I'm going to hustle down after work. I'm so fucking tense and stressed right now that I need to have a few and dance my cares away.
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    Kevin Bacon's finest film moment.

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    Pyrovitae!!! Please Clean Your Box!!!!

    HI NAT!!! :) Just trying to reply to your PM. Clean that shit out, babe!