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    how to become a moderator, that need for this?

    Google has failed me due to the nature of my inquiry, and there's a lot of people on tribe who have a deep understanding of internet shenanigans and computer whatnots.. so maybe yous can shed some light on this scenario. I've had a photo blog up for a couple months now... i don't advertise it...
  2. K

    Modern Warfare 2

    This thread was going to get started eventually... I figured i'd take the honour of being the author. May 24th should see 2mins of gameplay footage during some commercial break of the eastern conference something something basketball? Anyhoo. I'm excitedly awaiting Nov2009 so that i can...
  3. K

    eastbound and down

    Anyone else watching this show? i've seen the first 3-4 episodes so far... pretty hilarious for the most part. Chaperoning the highschool dance was a fucking gong show. At the best of times, this show is mildly disturbing... at the worst of times, it's disgustingly uncomfortable...
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    Toronto teacher gets "scary" bus stop ads nixed

    http://kotaku.com/5168672/toronto-killzone-2-ads-pulled-due-to-menacing-head Quoted from Kotaku.com. The teacher (pictured here) was quoted as saying "won't someone please think of the children"
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    Violent games teaching kids valuble life lessons.

    Violent video games ensure a positive post-apocalyptic outlook
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    HTC TOUCH owners thread.

    Oi... I figured this might be a good place to share tips and tricks, favorite apps and various other HTC Touch related infos. I'm sure by now the touch has been adopted by many more users, hopefully some of which frequent this board and could benefit from sharing info. So far, my favorite...
  7. K

    one-off sticker place?

    oi. Anyone know of any online one-off sticker places? I assume there ought to be a website out there where you can submit an illustrator (or any vector) image and they send you the printed stickers. Anyone?
  8. K

    Tribe Photo Assignment v3 ends Jan 28

    This weeks theme Water. In all shapes and manifestations. Whether it's ice, water mixed with oil, surf or snow. As long as it's water inspired.
  9. K

    Sony Vegas 7... help?

    Oi. Don't know how many vegas users we have out there. I have a quick question that i have trouble finding an answer for online. I want to take a chunk of footage which is 1280 x 720 and output it at 720x480. Nothing weird about that... hd to dvd... but my question stems from the fact...
  10. K

    company perks.

    I love my job. Just got handed the 3rd pair of skate shoes they've given me since starting here a couple years ago. Tshirts, games and hoodies are commonly handed out aswell. Getting expensive skate gear at the low low price of zero is a treat. The only thing better is riding this...
  11. K

    miniDV.... DEAD?

    Oi. I'm trying to wrap my head around all this crazy fangled camcorder technology. They write on HDD, miniDV, DVD and memstickDuo... so which one is best? Which one is better for what purpose and so and such? Hopefully there's some videoheads out there that can help me answer some...
  12. K

    pocket pc users... your favorite apps?

    I'm new to the whole ppc world and am finding it downright ENCHANTING to have such a powerful machine in such a small and portable package. With all the buisness-types around tribe, i figured some of you MUST have some favorite apps for their pocket pc that they'd like to rave about...
  13. K

    Facebook harrassment or decoding for dollars.

    My facebook inbox had a new message this morning. Google loosely translates the message from LLI(Language of limited intelligence) to English. Dear Nobleman of Thine English lineage. I hereby pray your attent, for thee to hear my pleas. Avast, your true self from tubes of yon internet...
  14. K

    Set your flashlights to geek.

    Turn a maglite into a balloon popping eyeball smashing match lighting lazor! link I assume, if you really wanted to, you could strap one of these to a sharks' head.
  15. K

    Audio software to auto-average volume output.

    I'm looking for a piece of software that will take a live input digital source (read: digital audio from my PVR) and output the same audio with smoothed out audio (i.e. the explosions on a tv show are equally loud as dialog) I want to put an end to loud commercials which interrupt the quiet...
  16. K

    awesome gta style coke ad.

    bring on the timeline?
  17. K

    Swing arms! lcd mounts whot!

    here's a simple YET EXPENSIVE way to class up any workstation. I want to get one of these for my home office... but they're rediculously expensive... Now what i'm thinking is that a swingarm that mounts to a desk is NOT a very specialized device... They must make these things for all kinds...
  18. K


    Who owns a dyson? Does it suck as much as they say it does?
  19. K

    Lemon-shaped women, as was the style at the time.

    Found a neat new(old?) photoblog that specializes in some seriously olden photographs. goodtimes. http://www.shorpy.com/ browse around... post your favorites here.
  20. K

    Video cameras. What's hot, what's in?

    I haven't been much of a video shooter... but lately have started to use my digital camera (DSC-T1) which shoots at 30fps 640x480... Pretty good framerate and resolution, for a digital camera... but i really think it's time to evolve, and step right into the thick of video shooting and...