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    Almost new, mint condition iPhone 5 64GB Unlocked! - $650

    I just upgraded to the 5s so I'm selling my old iPhone 5. The good news for you is it's only a couple weeks old! My original phone developed a problem with the touch-screen so Apple replaced the whole phone for free about two weeks ago. So this phone is almost brand new, in absolutely 100% mint...
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    For Sale: 32gb iPhone 4 - Fido - $275

    Selling my old 32gb iPhone 4, locked to Fido. Near-perfect condition, comes with original box, headphones, power adaptor, USB cable, un-opened case and belt holster. Can see pics here: iPhone 4 - 32gb black - Fido Located downtown. PM to inquire.
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    Bobby Reals' Adventures in House, Episode 2

    Hello, friends. If you're like me, and I think you are, nothing brightens your day quite like some good house music. So why not give this new mix a download, grab a road pop or three, and come along on an adventure with your good pal Bobby Reals. I can't promise we'll all make it to the end in...
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    DJ Bobby Reals' NYE Deep House Slamtacular Vol. 1

    Do you like deep house? Fuck yeah you do. That's why I made this mix. It's been a few years since my last one and there's a lot of new music I like, so you should listen to it. I made it to play at 4am on NYE after all the amateurs go home and the remaining heads want to go so deep you have to...
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    Firefox making me type with weird punctuation

    Any punctuation that I type in Firefox is coming up weird suddenly... instead of apostraphes, question marks, etc I get è, È, É, ç, à, etc. Whatès going onÉ I checked the language option in the preferences menu and itès set to US/English. Typing in any other program seems fine, itès just...
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    FREE: Old computer (P4 2.4GHz, 2GB RAM, 440GB HD, DVD-RW, etc)

    I got a new computer so I need to ditch my old one. Here are the specs: P4 2.4GHz ASUS P4PE Motherboard 2 GB RAM 440 GB HD (3x internal drives) DVD burner Floppy Drive D-Link Wireless card installed Windows XP Pro (reformatted hard drive with a clean install) Not the fastest...
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    Anti-virus/spyware for Vista 64bit?

    Got my new Dell today and it came with Vista Home Premium 64 bit. I'm assuming I'll upgrade to Windows 7 when it's officially released, but in the meantime what's my best option for anti-virus and spyware protection? I've always been happy with AVG on Windows XP, but I'm not sure if they...
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    Is this a good desktop PC to buy?

    So my faithful ol' desktop is starting to show its age. It's probably 7 years old and is acting like a senile old man lately. I want to replace it, but haven't kept up to date with desktop technology in a long time. I'm willing to spend about $500 on a new tower (my monitor/keyboard/mouse/etc...
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    Attack of the Show

    Didn't know what to think of this show when I first noticed it, but it's starting to grow on me. It's almost like reading Tribe but on TV! Anyone else watch it? It's on "G4 TechTV". (Channel 90 on Rogers, not sure about Bell)
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    Is there a code to block a phone number with Fido?

    This one fucking telemarketer calls multiple times a day, every day. Today alone I've gotten 4 calls from them. Must be an autodialer. A quick search on Yahoo Answers gives many different answers.... *60, *70, *68... anyone know what the real deal is? I'm with Fido. So much for the...
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    LF: Old digital camera

    Did you get a shiny new digial camera for christmas? Have an old one kicking around? Want to give/sell it to me for cheap? I just want something to take shitty vacation photos with. All I have now is my iPhone, but that's a little too shitty for a camera, and I don't want to be concerned with...
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    DOUBLECROSS - The Sexy Haus Mix (Slowtempo disco retro-house)

    As the illustrious Jack Black once said, sometimes you gotta fuck her gently. And that's what this mix is for. Sliding in around 118bpms, this set is full of 8-minute sultry disco stormers that are sure to penetrate your soul. The first few songs immediately let her know it's business time...
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    Best sell-off vacation site?

    What's the best place to find a cheap last-minute beach destination these days? I want to lay on a beach and be handed drinks for a week.
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    Good chiropractor downtown?

    Argh, my lower back hurts every day now. Need to figure out how to change this. Can anyone recommend a good chiro? The closer to Queen/University the better.
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    CPU running hot?

    My computer has started giving me warnings during the BIOS startup that my CPU is running hot. Sometimes the only way I can complete the startup is if I go into the BIOS and tell it to ignore the CPU temperature. I downloaded a program called SpeedFan and it tells me my CPU is running at 60C...
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    Doublecross - The Megamixtape

    I haven't put together a mix in over a year but I've been pretty excited about a lot of the music coming out lately so I went out and grabbed Torq and put together this little mixtape. I feel like electronic music has finally come full circle again, the pretention has mostly been lost, and...
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    5' x 8' modern area rug - almost brand new - 100% pure wool

    $400 Bought this rug but decided it is the wrong size for my living room and can't return it. Paid around $600 for it and am looking to get at least $400 back so I can buy the same rug in a different size. It's essentially brand new. It's made from 100% pure wool and is very comfortable...
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    FS: Nokia N95-3 -- $300

    Selling my Nokia N95-3. Black/Silver case, perfect working order, cosmetically a 9/10 (no scratches on the screen or camera, only a couple tiny scuffs on the corners of the metal casing). Comes with all original cables, accessories, manuals, CD, and 1GB micro SD card (expandable to 32GB). No...
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    Ecuador mountains / amazon rain forest -- anyone been?

    I'm heading down to Ecuador for a couple weeks in August... going to be spending a week in the rural areas around Quito, (which is cool and rainy at 10,000 feet), and a week in the Amazon rain forest (which I imagine is hot and wet every day). I'm not much of the camping type... I fully...
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    Set of Whirlpool appliances

    I'm selling the kitchen appliances that were in my condo when I bought it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with them, they were bought by the previous owner in 2005 and are still in great condition, along with all the manuals. I'm just upgrading to stainless steel so I'm selling these. This...