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    Why is the Tribe Board timing out and crashing so often, its like 1-3 times daily...

    Well whoever's causing it should be nuked from orbit.
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    Why is the Tribe Board timing out and crashing so often, its like 1-3 times daily...

    When I try to browse tribe on my iphone, something causes my phone to automatically switch to the App Store and try to get me to download annoying games like "pet rescue saga". It has been happening repeatedly and consistently today. Never noticed it before but it is quite annoying.
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    Alleged 1980's hash dealer to run for leadership of Ontario PC party

    Just out of curiosity, what exactly do people not like about Olivia Chow? I see a lot of anti-Chow sentiment when her name gets mentioned in the mayoral race, but no one ever elaborates beyond "I hate Olivia Chow." :confused:
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    Alleged 1980's hash dealer to run for leadership of Ontario PC party

    Hopefully it's so the OPP can bring him in?
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    True Detective (HBO)

    I think that if Cohle doesn't die in a shootout, then he will by his own hand afterwards. He's just trying to give his own life meaning before he dies. Hart I'm not so sure about.
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    Brendan B - History Homework February 2014 [Soul Jazz, Afro Jazz, Rare Grooves, Vinyl Only]

    Digging it. Is there a download link? It's not jumping out at me.
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    NEW Daft Punk Album

    Wow, the last two minutes of that performance was pretty epic. Cool take on the song.
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    Also how can you make such sweeping generalities like "i guess there's no black people in the future", or "there's no rock n' roll", or "every joe with an average job has a great apartment" when watching this movie? It's not an epic sci-fi opera trying to depict all walks of society, it's an...
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    Best Albums of 2013

    Nice lists, a lot of stuff in there that I missed this year. I'll just add a few albums that I haven't seen listed yet (with examples of standout songs): Joey Bada$$ - Summer Knights - (90's sounding hip-hop from an 18 year old kid) 6OiMq6Rau64 Logic - Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever -...
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    Russell Brand May Have Started a Revolution Last Night

    Also, "Russell Brand May Have Started A Revolution Last Night" may be a tad hyperbolic (I know you didn't write it ravinjunkie). He's a comedian who went on a rant on TV. Somehow I don't think the government is about to be overthrown because of a youtube clip.
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    Russell Brand May Have Started a Revolution Last Night

    Good ol' Systems Oundbar
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    Grand Theft Auto V-ive

    Word, will add
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    Digital form / contract signing solution.

    I'm not sure if you can actually create original documents with it or not, but I use the DocuSign Ink app on my iPhone to sign contracts that are emailed to me. Super simple to use. I actually bought my house with it while I was busy at work, had to sign back a bunch of bidding offers and it...
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    Nov 16 - FRANKIE KNUCKLES - 4 Hour Set @ RYZE aka old Moskito

    Hold on, the place used to be called Moskito and now it's called Ryze? Well that's embarrassing.
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    Grand Theft Auto V-ive

    Who's playing on PS3 and wants to start a crew? I hear next week you'll be able to perform collaborative heists. Let's rob some banks. robguydude <--- my username
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    Grand Theft Auto V-ive

    What good is having millions of dollars in the single player game after you finish the main story? Just so you can hang out and be a baller by yourself? Haha this is a serious question too, I'm not being facetious. What are you guys doing after finishing the main story, except moving to online...
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    Grand Theft Auto V-ive

    After you finish the main story are you free to go back and finish the freaks and strangers and other side missions, or do they disappear?
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    GRAVITY - Best Reviewed Movie Ever ?

    Awesome movie. Here's a cool article on how they filmed it: How Did Gravity Do That? The Secrets Behind Its Groundbreaking Special Effects - CinemaBlend.com Crazy to think how real it looks when Sandra Bullock was actually just inside a light box in a studio being manipulated like a puppet...
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    Almost new, mint condition iPhone 5 64GB Unlocked! - $650

    Oh and if you're a lurker and can't private message me here, head over to the craigslist posting and contact me that way: Almost new, mint condition Black iPhone 5 64GB Unlocked!