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  1. el presidente Highsteppa

    Kim Jung Un might be pushing up daisies

    A Chinese news source is reporting that he died on the table after having a heart procedure done. He missed his grandfather's birthday/national holiday (which is a huge deal) and hasn't been seen in a few weeks and dealing with increasingly severe health issues...
  2. el presidente Highsteppa

    Jesus shield up!

    Pat Robertson asks followers to help cast 'shield of protection' ahead of hurricane "Cast" as in a spell? I demand to make a saving throw!
  3. el presidente Highsteppa

    Movement 2018

    What an amazing line up. I should have bought a full weekend pass, as I managed to miss Lee Burridge on the first day, as well as Laurent Garnier at the Red Bull Stage. I will go to my grave regretting that decision. However, managed to see John Digweed kill it on the main Movement stage for...
  4. el presidente Highsteppa

    Where do I get a decent portable cd Walkman from?

    I'm trying to find one for home listening. Looking more like I'm gonna have to go through Amazon and go with a Phlips - I was hoping to stick with Sony. Walmart has some crappy barely functional ones. Best Buy - nope Canadian Tire - nope (Surprisingly, I managed to get my last Sony one from...
  5. el presidente Highsteppa

    So is Soundcloud going bankrupt or not?

    They just did a pretty big layoff recently and rumors started to fly about their only being 50 days of cash left after Spotify backed out of buying them. Then they replied with this: SoundCloud Responds to ‘Extensive Inaccuracies’ in Article Claiming It Is Almost Out of Money So, are they...
  6. el presidente Highsteppa

    Movement 2017

    I only managed to go on Saturday - however, for a first time visit, I was very impressed and I'm definitely going again next year. Acts I managed to check out - Golf Clap at the lakeside pyramid stage, Josh Wink at the main stage (fave set), Hawtin's Close set, the Belleville Three, Larry Heard...
  7. el presidente Highsteppa

    Alien Covenant

    This was originally supposed to come out in August of this year, but they've moved the release date up to May - a good sign that this could be pretty good. Danny McBride looks like he's in the role similar to Yaphet Kotto in the original Alien movie, and might be going for a more serious role...
  8. el presidente Highsteppa

    Shit just got mad real in Turkey (NSFW - graphic video)

    Assassination of Russian Ambassador To Turkey Captured In Chilling Video Russia's involvement in Syria is about to get a lot worse.
  9. el presidente Highsteppa

    Did I read correctly that Jen Star died?

    Apologies if I'm wrong or I've got her confused with another person with a similar alias, but I read that she was killed in a car crash along Queens Quay and died this past Thursday...
  10. el presidente Highsteppa

    Skynet arrives - in the form of a Teen chat AI that went full Nazi in less than 24 hours

    Holy shit. Thank you internet for providing me with the funniest read in a long, long time. Microsoft deletes 'teen girl' AI after it became a Hitler-loving sex robot within 24 hours This is why we can't have nice things, like Johnny 5 like AI.
  11. el presidente Highsteppa

    RIP Alan Rickman

    Hans Gruber has left the building Aged 69, also claimed by cancer. RIP to a gifted actor and one of the best villains in film in the late 80's and 90's.
  12. el presidente Highsteppa

    RIP David Bowie

    Dead at age 69 (his birthday was was back on Jan 8th). 1947 to 2016. 18 month fight w/ cancer. A true rock God has passed.
  13. el presidente Highsteppa

    Mid to Late 80's Hip Hop Recommendations

    I'm trying to find some lesser known or overlooked mid to late 80's hip hop recommendations, as I've been jonesing for that classic Hip Hop sound in the vein of RUN DMC, Schooly D - the basic turntables and a microphone set up. Back when it was dirty, fun and you could hear the dj working and...
  14. el presidente Highsteppa

    Trump 2018!

    Holy shit, I never thought we'd see it happen. Good luck on getting past 3% Chump. His twitter feed is going to be amazing through the presidential cycle - check out the comments he's made about the establishment (the people he's going to have to have back him if he's got any chance of getting...
  15. el presidente Highsteppa

    RIP Christopher Lee - extreme badass

    93 years of age, passed away on June 7th, left behind a wife who he was married to since 1961. Great write-up of his career and life in The Hollywood Reporter today. Christopher Lee Dead: Horror Icon and Legendary Movie Villain Was 93 - Hollywood Reporter - The Hollywood Reporter...
  16. el presidente Highsteppa

    Bell President throws hissy fit over CRTC decision, gets smacked the fuck down by own employees

    Bell head meddled in news coverage - The Globe and Mail So, Kevin Crull, president of Bell Media, had his panties so in a knot over the CRTC's decision of unbundling cable packages, that he tried to fuck with his own news network's coverage of the issue. He calls up Wendy Freeman...
  17. el presidente Highsteppa

    Good morning

    Rise and shine.
  18. el presidente Highsteppa

    E3 2014 - Your hopes, dreams, excited reactions and "Holy shit!"'s

    So we're counting down to this year's E3 anyone anticipating any particular releases? Me, I'm looking forward to seeing more of: Star Wars Battlefront (should be interesting to see DICE now at the controls) Batman Arkham Knights (delayed to 2015 now) Call of Duty - Advanced Warfare (More...