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  1. ScottBentley

    RIP Meadowlark Lemon

    A true original.
  2. ScottBentley

    It Sucks Getting old

    I now get wicked indigestion after eating some of the spicy (and sometimes just well seasoned!) food that I have always loved without consequence. Often times this isn't just "heartburn", it's full on burp til you puke type stuff. It Sucks getting old. I now do weekly searches for and...
  3. ScottBentley

    Toronto Maple Leafs 2011/2012

    Leaf's sign prospect Kenny Ryan I expect to be consulted about the parade route.
  4. ScottBentley

    Your Death Row Meal

    So here's the deal. You're on Death Row and scheduled to be executed tomorrow. The Warden asks you what you want for your last meal. There are no limitations to what you can have and get an unlimited portion size. What will you have? I'll start. Appetizer: Spanish Jamon, bread & Tuscan...
  5. ScottBentley

    Previously Loved Laptops

    I'm in the market for a second hand lappy and need a bit of advice. My budget is admittedly a bit pitiful (200 - 250), but I'm not a "gamer" or hacker that needs wicked powerful gear. I know there a tonne of places by Spadina and College, can anyone recommend anywhere with a decent reputation...
  6. ScottBentley


    MIDLAND, Ont. — The Province of Ontario has issued a "red alert" for an immediate threat in the Central Ontario area on Wednesday evening. Environment Canada has issued a tornado warning in this area. Storms are moving quickly to the east of this area. Emergency Management Ontario recommends...
  7. ScottBentley

    Recording Soundcloud Streams

    Is there a way to rip a Soundcloud stream (question mark) Since it is an embedded player, I haven`t found any way to achieve this. Admittedly though, I`m not the most technical of blokes. *yes, the download link is definitely disabled for the audio in question ;)
  8. ScottBentley

    Refurbished Computers

    I'm in the market for a CHEAP computer. I'll only really use it to do some surfing and torrenting. Any recommendations for where to look? I'm sure some places have better reputations than others. Do they usually come with a limited warranty of some kind?
  9. ScottBentley

    Do You Think I Have Any Legal Recourse?

    So, I was supposed to move in my new apartment today, but was COMPLETELY FUCKED OVER by the owner. She called me at 7 this morning to tell me that she's decided to accept an offer for the house and the new owner plans to renovate and make it a single family dwelling. Thankfully I'm not...
  10. ScottBentley

    The Southport Weekender 44 (remove the dashes)

    I found a stash of set d/l's. Sharing is caring :) http://www.m-e-g-a-upload.com/?d=09FP9OM0 ATJAZZ @ SOUTHPORT WEEKENDER 44 2009.05 http://www.m-e-g-a-upload.com/?d=FD9VFJPQ HALO @ SOUTHPORT WEEKENDER 44 2009.05 http://www.m-e-g-a-upload.com/?d=P3V9HDEK INCOGNITO @ SOUTHPORT...
  11. ScottBentley

    > Krafty Kuts - LIVE @ Klub K4 - 31.1.09, 2hr 30min set

    Enjoy! :)technics1200:)
  12. ScottBentley

    The Danny Teneglia Experience (Live 10 Hour Set Inside!)

    Holy Shit! Eventhough the set is a couple of years old, I've always wondered what this would be like. I haven't listened to it yet, but thought it was post worthy. Remove the dashes. Danny Tenaglia - Live @ Quartiere Latino (Gallipoli) 15-08-2006 cd 1...
  13. ScottBentley

    Krafty Kuts Live @ Future Sound Of Breaks (WMC 2008)

    Part 1 Part 2 enter password: lazy-nights.com Flipside! Funny. :D
  14. ScottBentley

    Basic Audio Editting Software?

    I'm look ing for a very basic program that will allow me to selectively shorten sets to allow them to fit on CD, combine parts of different sets into one, etc. A quick search has yielded way too many options...what do you use?
  15. ScottBentley

    Miguel Migs & Julius Papp Live From DNA Lounge 07/27/07

    Miguel Migs & Julius Papp Live From DNA Lounge Last Night! For those of us that missed Mr. Migs a couple weeks ago, here's an almost 6 hr set recorded last night @ DNA Lounge in San Fransisco. Unfortunately the set is only available to stream and the link will only last for about 2...
  16. ScottBentley

    A Challenge For The Technically Inclined

    I came across a live set but I can't get the download to work properly. Normally I would drop it and move on but I really want to hear it. Miguel Migs, Mark Farina, Petal Pusher @DNA Lounge 08.06.2007 :O Length: 9h23min:O...
  17. ScottBentley

    WTS Is An RAR file?

    I've been trying to listen to a listen to this music file: http://rapidshare.com/files/36168204/Mark_Farina__Petal_Pusher__Miguel_Migs___DNA_Lounge_08.06.2007.part1.rar It will d/l properly but I get a msg stating that Real Player needs to "download new software" to play, then tells me the...
  18. ScottBentley

    Kenny Bobien!!!

    Along with King Sunshine and Groove Institute! I wouldn't miss this for the world! http://www.tribemagazine.com/board/showthread.php?t=133881
  19. ScottBentley

    Evel Knievel Sues Kanye West

    Daredevil claims rapper copied him in "Touch The Sky" music video DECEMBER 12--Retired daredevil Evel Knievel is suing Kanye West, claiming the rapper ripped off his trademarked look in a recent music video in which the performer, using the handle "Evel Kanyevel," wears a red, white, and...
  20. ScottBentley

    You'd Change Your Name Too!

    Harried college football player corrected a most unfortunate moniker DECEMBER 5--We were reading Deadspin this morning when we first learned of the existence of Lucius Seymour, a football player at Eastern Illinois University. Seymour, a 22-year-old Floridian, is of note because of his...